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Who makes the most forgiving bow?
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From: JG
I’m finding that my opportunities seem to be longer shots lately. 40-60 yards - moose/elk

I shot a Mathews V3 this year. 27”. On the range it shot great - needed proper form. For hunting it wasn’t the best bow. Hard to get good anchor with short length. Form had to be so perfect

I sold my V3

I’m in the market for a 65-70lb great shooting forgiving bow

Any advice would be appreciated

From: Grey Ghost
In the right hands, most modern compound bows are just as "forgiving" as others, IMO. Perhaps you should be searching for ways to get closer to your personal lethal range, instead of a bow that lengthens it.


From: Tater
Go with PSE evo nxt. 33 and 35 in ata bows. Smooth draw also.

From: Dino
Longer axle to axle bows are typically more forgiving, smoother and easier to shoot. I love Hoyt bows, particularly their carbon models. I shoot the longer versions of their carbon models, I had the Carbon Defiant 34 and now I have the Rx3 Ultra. Awesome bows! What’s your height and DL?

From: Rocky D
I have not seen a bow that was forgiving enough to increase someone’s max effective range without proper form.

I would focus on proper form. Many people underestimate the importance of follow through especially on longer shots. There are tons of guys on here that shoot targets out to one hundred yards.

What I would do is not focus on the bow but on who is holding it.

Go check out some John Dudley YouTube videos on tuning, tuning at distance, and proper form.

P. S. Everyone has a weight that they cannot shoot effectively. You may find out that you are a lot better with 60lbs than you are with 65lbs and remember it’s not the bow…

From: Dino
A 33+ inch bow is going to be easier and more forgiving to shoot than a 27” bow.

From: Dale06
I have a Mathews Atlas. For me it’s quite forgiving. It’s long, I believe 35” and 7”+ brace height.

From: ryanrc
I still shoot a Mathews ovation... i have tried multiple shorter ata bows and always end up going back to it.

From: x-man
Brace Height is just as important as ATA length when determining forgiveness. If you can't "start" your draw without torque, you will never shoot without torque.

I'd rather have a 30"ATA bow with a 7.25" BH than a 34" ATA bow with a 6.5" BH.

From: buckeye
Longer ata the better, these newer bows are getting too short in my opinion. The least amount of hand tourqe is very noticeable in the grouping or the arrow.

Find something with a 34 inch axle to axle and 7 inches of brace height . . Lots of good options out there .

Elite remedy fits your requirements

From: Twinetickler
Elite Synergy or an Energy 35. Most forgiving bows I've ever shot. Have tried newer bows and have ended up selling all of them and going back to my Synergy.

From: JG
Thanks guys. You’ve given me a lot to chase down

My best shooting bow was my matthews z7 extreme. Gave it to my son.

My veritix shoots good but I like having two bows to have a spare. I also want to set up that veritix for Cape buffalo next summer.

Fun quest buying a new bow for sure.

Trade it for the 31 V3.

From: Dino
Naw…trade it for an Rx 5 Ultra! :)

From: RD in WI
I used to shoot a Mathews Drenalin LD with a 37" axle to axle length. It was essentially a target bow painted camo. I consistently shot it better, with less effort, than the BowTech RealmX that I shoot now. Moving forward, the metrics for bow selection will be noise at the shot and long-range accuracy. Good luck selecting your bow.

From: timex
I'm not sure what to say. I killed more deer with a bowtec 101st airborne than all the other bows I've owned combined. 44" axle to axle but absolutely not forgiving. You even think about relaxing & that bow would pull you arm out of socket. You want to kill at long distance ya need form ...

From: carcus
ATA is where its at, I shoot my 33 "70 pound xpedite better than my 63lb 30.5"ata evo nxt. I ordered a 65 lb pse evl 34 to replace the evo nxt as my deer and bear hunting bow/backup elk and moose bow

From: Coondog
33 inches or more for ATA. 7 inch brace height. I shoot the PSE EvoNTN. I practice out to 120 yards and love it. Draw length is 29.5", 80# draw weight, total arrow weight is 520 grains, shooting 295fps. It's a shooter.

From: Footshooter
All of them…. I’ve found that the better your bow is tuned the better and more forgiving it will be. Sometimes bows are blamed for issues that are more tuning related.

From: Bowboy
I have the same draw as you. I haven't bought, but shot the Hoyt Ventum 33. It drew smooth and was very accurate after only shooting a couple arrows.

From: Kurt
My 35-1/4” A to A Prime Rival is way easier for me to shoot in the mountains hunting than the shorter Mathews Creed and Hoyt Carbon Element were. It’s a 6.5” brace height vs the other two at 7”. I won’t own a shorter than 33” bow…my Mathews Drenalin which I find a decent bow to shoot hunting. 29-3/8” draw length at 65#s with he Rival. The Creed and Carbon Element were 60#s….and harder to shoot.

I think that length and cam design, grip, all factor in. Good luck in your quest, and when you find an accurate bow, quit looking and buy a spare….that’s what I did anyway!

For most of the top tier brands ATA is no longer the operative, or best term to use.

“Forgiveness” or the the resistance to small movements by the shooter does not come from the end of the limbs. So when searching for your bow use the riser length and weight as the measurement. Not ATA. The longest heaviest will also be the most “forgiving”

Most new designs have parallel or past parallel limbs. The risers get longer and the limbs shorter. Engineers figured out years ago the the riser length is where the “forgiveness” comes from. They still use ATA in the ads because that’s what we are used to as a comparison. But it’s the riser length and weight you need to compare.

From: Woody
Mathews Atlas!

The Bowtech Revolt X is hard to beat for that. (Solution SD if you want shorter ATA) The riser geometry on the Bowtechs right now is so neutral and the grip is so good that they are VERY easy to maintain a high level of consistent accuracy.

PSE Expedite, awesome shooter just change out the junk strings and cables.

From: 12yards
Check out the "most shootable bow". I second the Remedy. Will be looking for one after the season.

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