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Meat grinder ????
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From: Boris
My wife has the big Kitchen Aide blender/grinder. Like I said, It's the big one. Has anyone used it for doing up deer or other cridders? Do you add beef to it? When I have it done, I get beef added. Your thoughts.

From: JL
Never used a Kitchen Aide grinder.....been a LEM guy myself. I just did a bunch of antelope the last two days and added pork, beef and smoked bacon to it. I ground up the beef/pork/bacon first and then added that to to the meat as it goes down the tube. It seems to work and mix well.

From: midwest
My gf and I just ground up about 60 lbs. of antelope and deer last weekend. I've been eating low carb/high fat, so I mixed in 20% beef tallow. It tastes amazing!

I have a half horse LEM grinder that works great but wish I had bigger one. The first, coarse grind goes as fast as you can feed it but the second, finer grind goes much slower.

From: HDE
I throw bacon into mine. Haven't used the KitchenAid brand, had a LEM and now have a Walton's.

From: Shug
I have a KA also I have used it many times but bought a LEM years ago and there is a big difference… The LEM or any other grinder /stuffer I think would suit you better..

From: timex
We buy pork shoulder when on sale usually around .90 cents a lb We use roughly 10 lbs pork to 40lbs venison or 20% This makes a great ground beef substitute. Or a good starting point for lean sausage

From: milnrick
We thought about using our KitchenAide but bought an LEM 3/4 hp grinder last year to grind burger and make sausage.

For burger we use 20% beef fat , sausage is ground at a 60:40 ratio venison to pork.

Burger and sausage have turned out great.


From: rooster
The wife and I do all of our grinding with the KA attachment. It works great for the amount that we do, two deer per year on average. I think sometimes the grind is too fine, even using the course plate. I looked at a "dedicated" grinder at Cabelas but just didn't pull the trigger.

From: Grey Ghost
I've used our KA grinder several times for small quantities. We like 10% bacon in our venison burger.


From: wytex
It will work but I would watch for a good sale on grinders and upgrade. Night and day difference .

I use the Kitchen Aid grinder also. However, I only grind a few pounds at a time. When butchering, I make about 1" cubes with what i plan to use for grind, then freeze in 1 or 2 lb. bags. When I need some ground meat, I thaw a package until its still just barely frozen and then grind. Works good for me this way.

From: Boris
We have tried pork, but did not really care for it. Have beef added. Not big on roasts. I do like the back straps cut into steaks. Generally, I cut them into small cubes, brown an make gravy. Put over egg noodles. But, mostly goes to burger. I am thinking of getting a large package of burger, then mixing it. then package it into 1 lbs. packages.

From: JL
When I did the antelope last week...I had 3 to do. The first had pork fat and smoked bacon added. The last two had beef fat and smoked bacon added. I'm a sucker for SOS on hash browns or tater tots.

From: Basinboy
My kitchen-Aid has grounds hundreds of pounds of deer and hogs! You have to cut it in strips but it will do the job. I added beef & pork in the past but the last batch I used chicken leg quarters deboned $.68/# and let me tell you it is the bomb!

From: BC
I had an old Cabelas model that finally crapped out. Last year got a LEM #8 and it has been great. I also add bacon into my grind. Freeze the bacon first then cut into 1" squares before feeding into the grinder. This way it doesn't gum up your auger. Good luck.

From: HDE
^^^ that's what I had, the LEM #8. I have upgraded to a #22.

From: EliteFan
LEM and buy the biggest one you can afford. They work great. Mine is the Big Bite #32 and kicks ass.

From: Brotsky
I have a Walton's 3/4 HP, I think it's the #12. It grinds faster than I can stuff it. Awesome grinder. Also have their 25# meat mixer and 10# sausage stuffer. All great products. Have made some killer sausage and sticks with my set-up.

From: esean
Tried a Kitchen Aid grinder attachment once and it was terrible, slower than my hand grinder, but it was a smaller model. Finally picked up a $200 LEM, I think only about 1/3 hp - it's far, far better. I do it all in one pass with the small cutting plate, no need to grind twice. Grinds as fast I can feed it, though I have to keep some pressure on the meat in the feed tube. Straight venison - nothing added. Just did 24 lbs tonight. For processing only one deer at a time, three total per year, I don't see the need for a larger grinder

From: HiMtnHnter
Get a dedicated grinder of you are going to make a habit of processing yourself. The griding is hard on the gears of the kitchen aids. I just got a Meat! Brand grinder. I'm impressed. I got a #32, but I do a lot each year...

From: tobywon
I agree, a dedicated grinder is much better. I have a cheap Cabelas $100 grinder and its been working great for years. I do have the Kitchen Aid grinder attachment and I do small stuff like ground turkey or small batches of venison and it does a good job, but for bigger batches the dedicated grinder is what is best.

I have a cabelas 1HP carnivore meat grinder and it’s a tank. We do close to if not over 200lb of venison a year along with added meats for fat and it flys thru. Next investment is a meat mixer and a stuffer.

From: foxbo
I'd make sure you purchase one with the reverse switch. Wish I had.

Had an LEM and made the mistake of giving it to a "friend" and he turned around and sold it! Ridiculous. I made the mistake of trying a cheapie off amazon. HUGE MISTAKE for the volume of meat I do every year. I will buy the 1 hp LEM on black friday this year again.

From: Bob H in NH
We have a Magic Chef one, works great, we run 5-7 animals/year through it.


DiRTY MiKE 's embedded Photo
DiRTY MiKE 's embedded Photo
Dropsons for sure. It's mother's favorite.

From: Wink501
I have a Cabelas grinder. Any advice on how to get the right texture or “grind” to the venison burger ? Also at what point during the process should pork trimmings be added ?

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