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Toyota unveils new truck camper
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From: Huntcell

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Toyota plans to unveil a truck camper at Las Vegas auto show in Nov.

This beast may become popular with the off road hunter crowd.

First it must survive its proposed name of Tacozilla. As cultural correct crowd will certainly see it as a name mis-appropriation.

Interesting to see what fuel consumption ratings will be as most of America is above $3 a gallon, with some areas past $4 and heading to $5.

Good news is, it is rumored the Mexican cartels have already preordered a fleet of them as their growing higher paying illegal border crossing clients are demanding a more comfortable ride north.

From: Grey Ghost
I don't recall the Toyota Chinook being wildly popular. Why would they think this version will be different?


Tacoma and beast don’t belong in the same sentence.

From: Butcherboy
That thing isn’t going off road anywhere. At least not what I consider off road. Lol I would rather have a cab over camper that can be removed anytime you want and utilize the truck bed.

Overland rigs have a big following. I can see people using these as a base to build on. There is a ton of aftermarket support for Tacomas and a $200k Earth Roamer (built down the road from me) is way out of most folks budget.

A camper in the bed is likely cheaper and more versatile but I like seeing something unique come out.


Glunt@work's embedded Photo
Glunt@work's embedded Photo
Old school version

From: keepemsharp
I see that Toyota have given up on the v-8 and gone back to v-6.

From: Candor
I would love to see Ford do something more creative with their E250 or 350 4wd van. Those could be awesome hunting vehicles.

I wonder if everyone will go to a turbo V6 for their 350-400 horse trucks. I have the 3.5 ecoboost and so far it's fine and plenty for regular 1/2 ton duty stuff.

From: Buffalo1
Vehicle name will doomed this Toyota. WOKE and the other libs will take care of this ship sinking!

From: APauls
Ouch. With all the brainpower Toyota has and that’s the result?

You just made a single use vehicle that isn’t even great for its single use.

From: smarba
The Tacozilla was stated to be a nickname, that won't stick and should be the least of anyone's concerns regarding the viability of the rig. As stated Overland builds are the current rage despite majority of them never leaving pavement, so this very well may be viewed as trendy and cool and in high demand. I'd be interested if it were based on a Gen2 Tacoma, which IMO is far superior off-road than the Gen3s.

From: greg simon
I'll pass. The shadow models don't even look comfortable in that thing. I'm 6'4" so small campers are not my thing!

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