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New bow options
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From: thedude
I am looking to replace my 16 year old Hoyt in the next couple years. What are the “best” current budget options for bows 4.0 lbs or less and at least 320 FPS? I am also not opposed to buying a used flagship current production model used in a year or two. If it makes any difference I’d pick ease of tuning over speed.

I know this can be a Ford Chevy thing but I’d like to filter through the chaff before I start looking at specific models. Been out of the bow loop for a while.

From: Dale06
You must shoot very light arrows. Suggest you go to a pro shop or two and shoot several new or used bows to see what you like. What I or others recommend is far less value than what feels good to you and fits you.

From: Bou'bound
If you are going to ponder this for a couple more years I would wait a couple more years to see what is out there.

From: carcus
Ease of tuning look at bowtech then elite, id stay away from the new hoyts until they figure out the binary and bad cam lean

Agreed^^^ But I would say PSE is my second.

From: APauls
I picked up a Bowtech Revolt last year and didn’t think much on the market compared. The Matthews flagship was fast and quiet, but draw cycle was harsh, and Bowtech has the tuning technology which is super sweet

About the only bow made that is going to fit your criteria for a mid priced option is the Bowtech Zion. It’s a great feeling and shooting bow.

From: thedude
I took a look at the Zion online. Looks pretty good and lightweight. What are the real world speeds and how are bow tech limbs these days?

From: Boatman71
Xpedition APX is 4.0lbs with a 340 IBO Had one in my hands a week ago and it is quite nice. Also one of their price point bows so its less than $1K

From: Ermine
The new Hoyts are awesome. One of the best bows hoyt has produced. Fast and quiet and shoots awesome

The Zion is a really fast bow. It ibo’s at 335 FPS. It has a super smooth draw, a rock hard back wall with zero creep, and posses very little hand shock. It is also very quite for a carbon riser. It’s just a great for a decent cost.

From: 12yards
I don't know if you can still find them, but I recently bought a brand new Elite Enlist (which is a 2018 model) for my youngest son. It is basically a re-released Elite Answer with updated limb pockets. It is a sweet shooting bow, IBO is 325ish, Weighs around 4 pounds, 33" ata, is smooth drawing, and a joy to shoot. I almost think it draws more smoothly than my Synergys. We got the bow for $250 which includes a new bow warranty. I even got a free hat out of the deal. It is a quality bow that shoots lights out. You are stuck with mods to adjust draw length though. I think you will search for a long time to find a newer bow in that 4 pound range that is in your price range. Good luck.

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