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Sitka Apex pants question
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Scoot 26-Oct-21
Trial153 27-Oct-21
smarba 27-Oct-21
Brotsky 27-Oct-21
Scrappy 27-Oct-21
From: Scoot
I own quite a few pieces of Sitka Gear and I've been anywhere from pretty happy to extremely happy with them. Except my Apex pants. I've worn them on 3 different hunts and they seem to really lack durability. First trip I sat in some rocks and that cut multiple holes in the butt area of the pants (rocks weren't smooth, but no big deal to sit on either). Next trip I had a large 3 corner tear- no idea how. This last trip I got several more 3 corner tears with no recollection of how or when it happened. I'm certain they all occurred from sticks, trees, rocks etc. and not from something like a barbed wire fence or anything particularly violent.

I sent them to Sitka after the first one and they fixed them up good as new. However I don't believe they will hold up in the future so I'm going to replace them. Have others had similar problems with the Apex pants or have I just had bad luck?

From: Trial153
the Apex material is not cut out for pants I agree. Go with Mountain pants or even better still Grinders

From: smarba
Mountain more durable, Apex silent. Difficult for a fabric to be both.

From: Brotsky
Just get some attack pants and be done with your search Scoot! Yoga pants for men!

From: Scrappy
Loved my apex pants but they got ripped all to hell in a very short period of time. I can't afford something that expensive and them be no tougher than a pair of frog togs rain gear.

I replaced them with I believe the accent pants. But their like the rest of sitka pant and don't breathe worth a dang.

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