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Wireless trail cam plans
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From: DeereScout
Looking for the best cost plans for running multiple trail cameras for the seasons. What are people using out there?

From: Royboy
We use Spartan and they seem to work good not sure about plan costs

Tacticam reveals $5/Month for 250. Then 7/9/11 I think depending on how many pic you want per camera. Cheaper to pay for the year vs month to month.

Moultrie may be a good option for you depending how many you run? I think they have the “home base” and you can do multiple cameras off that.

From: SIP
Tactacam is 13 for unlimited, 8 for 500 if u do monthly. Yearly is cheaper but i dont need to have em out all year

From: Manager
Reconyx is 5 dollars per camera. And 5 dollars a month, per 2,000 images, which can be shared by your other cameras.

From: No Mercy
Cuddeback is $20 for up to 24 cameras. The home camera is the cellular, and the remotes transmit the images via 2-way signal to the home.

No mercy corrected me. Cuddyback not moultrie

From: BowSniper
Gotta figure out how many pics you expect to be taking... I went with the Covert camera and quarterly billing $19.99 for 3500 pictures

From: RIT
That $5 for 2000 images for Reconyx is misleading. A photo is not an image. The $5 gets you 200 regular photos. $5 more gets you what they call mobile optimized images in blocks of 2000. If you want the photo in HD it will cost you 10 mobile optimized images. So for an additional $5 you get 200 HD images shared between your pool of cameras. I find there are not many photos I request in HD unless I want a better look. But you certainly don’t get 2000 images for $5. You get 200 thumbnails for $5 per camera and then the additional 2000 mobile optimized images for another $5 or $10.83 after tax.

From: Bake
Moultrie unlimited is like $17.99 per month per camera, if you pay monthly.

I just got a couple Tactacam. $13 a month for unlimited.

From: Shiloh
I hate having to pay per camera and there are too many negative reviews on cuddeback. Waiting for a better option. It can get expensive with a bunch of cameras

From: APauls
Best value for camera vs plan vs quality of images is Tactacam IMO.

From: RIT
Tactacam just dropped 2 new cameras. One that comes with a solar panel and chargeable battery pack plus the ability to request video from the App. I have messed around with 2 reveal X cameras and so far not terrible and I would say pretty damn good when you factor in cost. I see there is a video setting on the reveal X but I have not tried it. So far the battery life has been strong.

I have had a bit of trouble with excessive photos but after turning the sensitivity down a few notches that is mostly resolved. It takes good enough regular photos but also has a 50 HD photo pool for $5.00. The description doesn’t state whether that’s 50 photos in perpetuity or if that’s a monthly ding. I elected for the intermediate plan which was $8 for the first camera, $7.50 for the second at 500 photos per camera in a combined pool. I have most of my cameras set up on trails or scrapes so it’s really enough photos for those locations. The yearly cost is more efficient but I only run cameras from Julyish to late December. At $119 for the reveal X I don’t even bother locking them up. This will end up boiling down to durability for me.

From: Knife2sharp
I like Spypoints free 100 a month. It's nice when putting it in a new area and not sure about reception/coverage. You sign up for their $100 club dealio, and you get 250 free per month, per cam, as well as discounts on monthly or anual plans, w/$15 unlimited and monthly, being most expensive.

I run Spypoints, and my buddy has Tactacam Reveal Xs and Stealth Fusions. We both have Verizon and ATT cams. We hunt near a metro area, so each carrier is about the same. He'll occasionally have a cam or two that doesn't send photos at it's scheduled time, and usually does the next time. I haven't missed a transmission date this hunting season. We both set them to twice a day, to help conserve battery life.

I have 4 Spypoint Link Micro S-LTEs, and 3 Cell Links on various model cams.

From: LOSTNwoods
What about the cuddeback system. Not cell but all pics get transfer over to one camera for retrieving.

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