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wtbowhtr 27-Oct-21
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Jordan 29-Oct-21
Cheesehead Mike 29-Oct-21
From: Darrell
Looking for advice on a new sleeping bag. I have a CO 76 elk tag in my near future and plan on alternating between a nice truck camp and a backpack set up. I want something to keep me toasty warm and large enough that my 6' 205# body doesn't feel cramped. I would rather carry a little extra and sleep better. What has worked well for you? What would you not buy again?

From: Scoot
Western Mountaineering Badger. Boom you got the right answer on the first reply!

From: Bou'bound
Get a liner too.

From: SBH
Second Western Mountaineering if packing in and weight are an issue. If truck need to spend that kind of money. You can get pretty warm bag for cheap or double up bags if car camping.

From: c3
Check for deals on XL bags. They've had some great camping stuff lately.

Cheers, Pete

From: keepemsharp
If you want a liner that works and weighs nothing try to find a GI poncho liner.

From: Predeter
Western Mountaineering if you want a down bag, Kifaru Slick Bag if you want synthetic.

From: wtbowhtr
Sent you a PM.

For truck camp you can bring whatever makes you happy. For backcountry Slickbag for sure. I call this hybrid hunting. Good plan. comforts at the truck and you don’t have to take everything in at once regarding food and water. You can hunt back and forth to and from the truck and extend your range and opportunities

From: peterk1234
Check out feathered friends. I think the quality is as good as Western Mountaineering but they tend be easier on the pocket book. But either one is just very high quality. Not many others come close. Nemo also makes some very good bags and it will be substantially less money. It will be a heavier bag though. The liner is a great recommendation. Get a quality pad that has good insulation. It is a game changer.

From: Jaquomo
Marmot Helium 15 is very comparable to the WM Badger, but at lower price. I've been really happy with the Helium 15 degree in size L for September elk hunting. I'm 6' 3" and 200 lbs. Wider at the top and narrow at the bottom, which works for some but not others.

From: Brotsky
+1 for Nemo, love my Disco 15, been a lot of places with me. Reasonable weight, little wider for side sleepers like me, and plenty long if you get the longer model.

From: MathewsMan
I would agree with the Marmot Helium as I like to have some room and I have some pricey bags that are too hot and cramped…

From: Michael
I have a mountain hardware 15 degree bag that is very toasty. It only weight 2 lbs 6 oz’s.

It sucks being cold but it’s easy to vent if your warm.

From: Z Barebow
WM Badger also. Packs to a loaf of bread. Buy once, cry once. (Actually, I picked mine up used on Rk Slide)

From: badlander
No one has mentioned Enlightened Equipment. I have an XL/XW 20F Revelation custom quilt, 850 down at 27oz that packs smaller than a loaf of bread. Its been worked great for backpacking. If you order a custom you can choose sizes/weights/colors/down or synthetic etc...

For my truck/wall tent camping I have a big, heavy canvas Cabelas 44Mag -20F. Weighs like 27# but I HATE waking up cold and having to stoke the stove. ALWAYS have the warmest bag.

From: Jordan
X2 on the marmot helium....and nowadays they have the enhanced down that does not get wet and lose heat retention ability like the same old natural down. If you sleep cold, get a 0F bag, if you sleep warmer, maybe a 20F.....everyone is different. Big Agnes makes some great bags too if you like having the insulation on top and sides and use the integrated BA pads to keep you off the ground and warm.

+3 on the Marmot Helium

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