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Could it happen?
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From: keepemsharp
ANY state would allow a two-shot double crossgun in any season?

From: itshot

probably with its own day/weekend/week

From: DanaC
Why not? The manufacturers are pushing for it. Money talks.

From: JL
If ya whiff twice on the shot and lose the bolts, that could get expensive.

From: Aspen Ghost
I bet most states currently don't say you can't use a 2 shot crossbow. Just like most don't say you can't use a double barrel muzzleloader.

"Could"? More like when. In a few decades a guy toting a 2 shot scoped crossbow will be labeled a traditional elitist.

Some states have already banned them in Archery seasons. No reason to not allow them during firearms. No reason those hunters shouldn’t be allowed a repeater like everybody else.

Personally, I take no issue with crossbows being used during firearms seasons in “bow only” areas.

I don’t even have a problem with them on private land during archery…. where the herds need thinning out.

But it sure is ironic to see compound shooters complaining about crossbows and how these are sneaking in under the radar where states haven’t yet thought to exclude them.

From: Dale06
In my view, the transition from stick bows to compounds is way different than stick or compound to cross bow. Anyone who has never fired a cross bow a single time, can put the cross hairs on a deer, pull the trigger and kill a deer. Hand a person who has never shot a bow, of any kind of bow, and set them in a blind and tell them to kill the first deer that walks by. There’s zero chance of a kill. I see on some of the tv shows, 6-7 year old kids sitting in a blind, cocked cross bow on a rest. Deer walks to the corn pile, kid looks through the scope, and pulls the trigger. Get the camera. Nothing against kids hunting, but there’s a wide gap between bows and cross bows.

From: drycreek
My prediction is the double bolt xbow will never be very popular. Put it in the sack with the Deer View Mirror. I was wrong once before and mama whooped my ass for it so……

From: APauls
I have no idea why there aren't 2 barreled muzzleloaders. Much more effective than a 2-bolt crossbow.

From: goyt
I suspect that it is already legal in Oho.

From: bigswivle
Hell we’ve already got bolt action muzzleloaders that shoot 2000000yrds. Just a matter of time

Apauls, I’m pretty sure there was an over under muzzle loader. The barrel swiveled and the top and bottom barrel would be switched

From: Old Reb
I'm sure that you can load pumpkin balls in a double barrel muzzle loading shotgun. Not sure what kind of accuracy you would get with it being a smooth bore.


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From: Jaquomo

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Old news..

From: Shuteye
I repaired an O/U muzzle loading rifle for a friend, years ago. It was 45 cal and shot well. You fired the first barrel and then rotated the barrels to put the second barrel and sights on top. It had a spring loaded ball that was broken and I replaced the ball and spring and it worked really well.

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