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winn archery release
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fn 30-Oct-21
lewis 30-Oct-21
Buffalo1 30-Oct-21
BTM 31-Oct-21
fn 31-Oct-21
Cocklebur 31-Oct-21
Woody 31-Oct-21
From: fn
Is anyone using one of there releases? The reason I ask is, they offer a release called a relax release. Ive tried to contact them but no answer. Eairler they were closed but said on there web site that they were to reopen. Any help is appreciated. Thanks

From: lewis
Been using them since shoulder surgery so far so good I can definitely get a stronger pull on my bow good luck Lewis

From: Buffalo1
I'm not a fan of the Winn C-10 release head- it does work nicely and has a good longevity record.

I am a major fan of the Winn release strap. I modified a Scott release head to fit on a Winn release strap and that is what I use. I built 2 of them. Have used them for years.

Yes- the strap design will allow you to pull more weight with less effort.

From: BTM
Been using nothing but Winns for almost 20 years, but I have no input on their relax models.

From: fn
Does anyone know if there still open for business? Thanks.

From: Cocklebur
I don’t think they are still open. I tried to get in touch with them and got no response. I found mine at a local shop and he had it in stock for a while.

From: Woody
FN check your PM

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