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Reveal Trail and Lithium Batteries
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From: Candor
In my Reveal Trail Cam I went with Lithium batteries at the suggestion of some different posts. I put the camera out maybe a month ago. Ran well. The batteries have been holding well. Two nights ago I got the battery level report at 60%. 16 hours later (maybe 30 pictures) they died.

Do the Lithium batteries go from 60% to 0% quickly?

From: greg simon
Yes. That is what lithium batteries do. Pretty much full power right up to the end.

From: Dale06
I did not know that. I assumed that the battery strength gauge on my cameras was bad.

Weird it happened so fast tho…. I have lithium’s in and have gotten over 2000k pictures with immediate transmission for every picture

From: DanaC
Like lithiums for winter weather, otherwise they're an unnecessary expense imo.

From: Grunter
My lithiums always go from 100% to dead. Never had a 60% or anything like that. Recently i think i got a few bad batches though. They havent lasted long. Usually can get almost a year.

From: Finnman
I've had alot of bad batches this year. 53 pics and dead. Normally get thousands of pics and several months.

Ive had that in a few spypoints grunter. What brand battery? I was thinking the same thing. My spypoints specifically usually last all year and then some. Barely got 6 months this time.

From: APauls
I've had zero complaints from using Kirkland alkaline batteries and their performance. So good I'm just too hesitant to spend the extra on lithium.

From: Meat Grinder
Had the same thing happen in my GPS with lithiums while putting out trail cams this summer. Lesson learned--carry spares.

From: Knife2sharp
Same here, regarding bad batches. I went to Duracell Optimums. Although, the Lit-10 battery packs for my Spypoint Link Micro S-LTEs work great and do drain normally if the solar panel can't keep it charged.

From: DanaC

DanaC's Link
found it

From: sticksender
I occasionally get a camera that drains batteries faster than other identical cameras. Something with the circuitry apparently. BTW, I've found the Ultimate Lithiums to be the cheapest batteries to run. Life is 2x that of coppertops in my cams, while they cost only slightly more. As long as you hunt for the best price on them, buying in bulk (typically under 1.00 each).

From: cnelk
Did you have the battery setting on the Reveal set to lithium?

From: Candor
I did on mine. One of my Reveals has Alkaline in it and will go to zero then two days later start working again. Has happened twice now. Makes me wonder a bit about the camera itself.

From: kscatman76
Last year I bought an HME battery box that has a solar charger and a 12 volt battery. I use those on my reveals and can get an entire season out of them. I think I paid like $59 for them which to me they have paid for themselves over and over compared to putting expensive lithiums in there plus the gas for driving over an hour each way to change them out. Might be something for you to invest in or think about?

From: lawdy
I live in a cold area where we fight fires and cover accidents often in sub-zero temps. We fought a four alarm fire last winter in -2 temps and every one of our lithium powered scene lights failed. We ran off the generators as the fire burned off all the power lines. In our snowmobile accidents, we are in remote areas and our portable lithium scene lights failed on real cold runs. We now carry all our lithium battery packs in the fire and rescue trucks and insert them into the extrication tools and lights when on scene. Just our experience with lithium batteries.


TREESTANDWOLF's embedded Photo
TREESTANDWOLF's embedded Photo
Buy these solar panels once, and do away with the cost of batteries. These have a built in battery. The mounting hardware is amazing .

I’ve also purchase this braided hose to install over the cord so the squirrels and other critters don’t bite through them.

I’ve had them out since May and zero issues, absolutely zero. Bye, bye batteries. ( a you still need to keep them in the cam though even if you use the solar panel.

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