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Looking For Private Land Elk
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painless 04-Nov-21
DonVathome 04-Nov-21
painless 04-Nov-21
Ucsdryder 04-Nov-21
painless 05-Nov-21
Pop-r 05-Nov-21
Pyrannah 05-Nov-21
Grey Ghost 05-Nov-21
Huntsolo 06-Nov-21
Grasshopper 07-Nov-21
RK 07-Nov-21
Royboy 12-Nov-21
Quinn @work 12-Nov-21
From: painless
Due to unforeseen circumstances, seems we will be loosing our 5000 acre New Mexico private land elk hunt on a ranch we have hunted the last 12 years. If any one has or knows of a private land lease/hunt available that has quality elk for two seasoned, conscientious DIY hunters please let me know. Thanks.

From: DonVathome
I do not know of any but you might consider buying landowner tags going forward. Not sure what is cheaper. Good luck!

From: painless
Yes< Don, have done that in the past and would be another option again.

From: Ucsdryder
Come to Colorado and get an Otc tag. See what elk huntings all about!

From: painless
Thanks for the tip Ucs, I've done that for 30 years. I now prefer to hunt elk that haven't been chased by multiple hunters and also prefer to hunt a piece of land that I know that my hunting buddy and I are the only ones on. We had 17 bulls within 150 yards at one time this year, all going nuts. I prefer that kind of excitement now days.

From: Pop-r
That's going to be difficult to match I believe painless. IF you locate something I'd be interested in going in with you.

From: Pyrannah
this is what i need to do

i'm 0 for 3 on public grnd two of which were guided..

gets frustrating not seeing much at all

From: Grey Ghost
What did you pay for your lease, and who did you lose it to, for how much?


From: Huntsolo
Ben, 0 for 3? I was 0 for 1000 something until I began to figure it out. I’m lucky to live in elk country but to me it’s the process that makes it so rewarding when it finally comes together. Good luck and enjoy the journey.

From: Grasshopper
My guess, it sold for 20 million. Covid is causing brain damage in the real estate sector.

From: RK
It would be interesting to see what you have paid in the past and are expecting to pay in the near future We just bought 22 hunts inclusive for $5750 in New México for next year. Not a great deal but a good one. Big ranch, good elk

Hope you are successful in your quest. I will let you know if I come across something

From: Royboy
10,000 acres in central Oregon 14,000,000.

From: Quinn @work

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