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Close enough?
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Ambush 13-Nov-21
From: Grunter

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A little close...


4nolz@work's embedded Photo
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From: Jaquomo
Darwin called this the process of natural selection. Unfortunately, too many idiots are allowed to reproduce and spread idiot genes.

From: Inshart
Jaquomo x2

Dumb azz - got just what he deserved.

From: jdbbowhunter
Yup can't fix stupid!

From: Bowboy
Stupid is as stupid does!

From: greg simon
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

I believe Bill Engvall said, ”Here’s your sign”

They have stop believing Disney movies.

From: Butcherboy
LOL! What an idiot and the people that rushed to his aide are just as stupid. That’s the problem with places like Estes Park and Yellowstone. People think the animals are tame and do stupid stuff.

From: TGbow

From: Aspen Ghost
The sad thing is that nowadays the idiot will look for someone, anyone, to sue for not preventing the event. Or look for some new government payout. They figure the government is supposed to protect them from themselves no matter how stupid they act,

From: drycreek
I remember the term coined by TBM, “concrete walkers” Lot a truth to that term.

From: Shuteye
I have a cousin that lives near Yellowstone. She has great cameras with telephoto lens. She said you would not believe the idiots that try to get close to elk and big bears.

From: Rut Nut
After last year's election, NOTHING surprises me anymore! People just do not have common sense anymore and cannot see what is right in front of their faces- also don;t realize actions have consequences! : (

From: PECO
Come on, the guy was just walking around minding his own business. He wasn't trying to take a selfie or pet the elk.

From: redquebec
I am just amazed at the restraint that the bull showed. I think we all know what could have happened. Then that beautiful bull would "have to be destroyed" for the safety of the public.

From: bigeasygator
Hoping to draw that Estes Park tag one day...

“ Come on, the guy was just walking around minding his own business. He wasn't trying to take a selfie or pet the elk.”

That IS a fair point.

On the other hand, this guy was conducting his daily business in an area known for the presence of large and potentially dangerous wild animals during a time of year when they are most likely to be aggressive.

And it’s not as if this bull was being particularly stealthy in its stalking in ambushing tactics.

So his Mistake (as opposed to an act of Willful Stupidity) was in simply not paying attention to his surroundings because he was taking too much for granted.

In most of our minds here, a bull Elk is a very large, heavily armed animal with a predisposition towards ripping somebody a new one if they get too close to the herd.

But for >90% of the US population, the thought of a beautiful herbivore attacking a human isn’t simply NOT “Common Sense” but probably seems really pretty far-fetched.

You really WOULD have to be willfully stupid to walk that close to a Bull knowing full well the dangers that they present, but this guy seemed more to be either ignorant about Elk or just completely oblivious in the first place. And in fairness, probably 90% of the population outside of the military goes through their entire day pretty much on auto pilot, paying almost no attention whatsoever to their surroundings. I actually run into quite a few of these people every day when I have to drive somewhere…

From: Ambush
I would agree that he was just unaware of the danger. People from bigger cities tend to keep their heads down and eyes averted, usually with a hoodie to block peripheral vision and ear buds to block audio interaction. Don't make eye contact, can't hear it, can't see, it can't hurt you. You see this behavior in caged animals all the time.

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