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Mulie with Whitetail Decoy
Mule Deer
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db999 07-Nov-21
Grey Ghost 07-Nov-21
Jaquomo 07-Nov-21
StickFlicker 08-Nov-21
LINK 08-Nov-21
Jaquomo 08-Nov-21
From: db999
I've whitetail hunted the plains majority of my life and own a whitetail decoy. This year however we got some access to land in the unit that holds primarily Mulies and the whitetail quality has plummeted in recent years. They come off a neighboring property and id need to try and draw them over. Being whitetail are more dominant, will that deter a mulie? Anyone have experience with it? I could even stick some mulie sheds on it? Thanks in advance!

From: Grey Ghost
I've decoyed mulies with an old whitetail 3D target before, with moderate success. As with any decoy hunting, it all depends on the attitude of the deer. In my experience, it's about a 50/50 proposition on whether a decoy helps or hinders a hunt.


From: Jaquomo
I had waaay better luck by doctoring a whitetail decoy to look like a muley. Especially the white rump. Doing that changed the game. Now I just use two Montana muley decoys, one feeding and one alert. Muleys are very visual, and the white rump is a visual trigger for them.

I also have great luck combining rattling and light calling with decoys. Do a search for some of my live plains muley hunts on here. PM me with your email and I can send you a couple of my articles from Bowhunter about decoying and calling muleys.

From: StickFlicker
Curious whether an antelope decoy (possibly with horns removed) might work, since they have the white butt too and generally similar markings?

From: LINK
I used a 3D whitetail target to decoy wt bucks one time. I couldn’t believe that those bucks didn’t notice the decoy only had two legs. ;) I could see the the white rump helping a little though.

From: Jaquomo
Link, putting the big white butt on the decoy brought a completely different reaction from muleys. They basically ignored my whitetail dekes before that. I've watched whitetail bucks breed muley does, but have never seen a mule deer buck show any interest in whitetail does.

Marvin, dunno about that, but I sure deke in a lot of muley bucks with my doe hat, and I don't show my white butt then..... :-)

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