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Treestand shots - who stands? Who sits?
Whitetail Deer
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From: Pat Lefemine

Pat Lefemine's Link
Got into a conversation with my buddy after Saskatchewan. My preference is to stand, but I take almost every shot seated. My buddy won't take a seated shot - and gets busted from time to time.

We discuss this in our most recent feature, including a new product by Summit that allows you to Sit-While-Standing?

From: Beginner
Always have shot standing.

From: Buffalo1
I always sit till I stand up ! Really depends on the situation and how things are unfolding- if I have the opportunity, I will stand.

I always stand the first hour from shooting light in the mornings and the last hour of shooting light in the afternoons.

From: elkmtngear
I try to stand if I have time, when an animal is approaching.

Probably 90 percent of my treestand kills, I have been standing.

From: BUCKeye
I am more steady when seated

I always stand up to shoot from setting. It allows one to maintain proper form and to swivel more to address the animal, if needed as the animal moves from spot to spot. I would also expect that if one is hunting over a bait/water and they know the animal will be at a set point, setting might be the preferred position as one can set up for that predicted spot and shot.

From: M.Pauls
We don’t normally get great trees around here. Typically when I see an animal approaching I’m getting up against the tree as tight as I can to minimize my profile. So that’ll be standing. I can’t remember getting away with sitting with a deer inside 20 yards

From: Catscratch
34 yrs of bowhunting and I can't remember shooting a single deer from the standing position. Never tried as I don't want to add movement.

From: t-roy
I will always stand to shoot, if possible. Things can happen and change in a hurry, and I feel I can maneuver/change positions in the stand, to possibly get where I need to be, if I’m standing. If I’m seated, I’m much more limited in what shot options I’ll be able to take.

From: Hawkeye
Seated most of the time but stand if have to.

From: sitO
I rarely sit at all, I take short breaks from standing...maybe a minute, two at the most. It's a neat idea, that stand, I've flipped my seat up and leaned on it before...makes sense.

From: JohnMC
Don’t think I have ever shot a deer out of a tree stand sitting. I have never shot anything standing from a ground blind either. ;)

From: Bowboy
I've shot most of my animals in a stand sitting.

From: Nocturnal II
I prefer a standing shot but most of my shots are seated position as well.

From: Shuteye
Have killed deer from a sitting position and standing over the years. Most shots from a sitting position the last few years. I have a great swivel chair in my ground blind and a really nice study seats in my tree stands.

From: Dale06
I’ve done both, probably most standing. Most of the time on stand I sit. If i see an animal approaching, I’ll stand if possible. If not I’ll shoot from sitting position.

From: Bake
I mostly stand. Prefer that, as I can move and position better. I hunt big tracts of timber, and deer don't always walk where you want them.

I find I can generally get away with standing if I stand whenever I hear or see a deer approach.

From: APauls
Much like my brother said I’m never sitting when deer are around. The second I hear or see something I’m on my feet with the seat flipped against the tree.

Now having been saddle hunting the last few seasons I’m in a shooting position 100% of the time

From: fastflight
90 percent of my deer have been shot sitting.

From: stringgunner
11 elk from a tree stand and all standing up and all within 25 yards.

From: TGbow
I haven't hunted out of stands a whole lot but I feel more comfortable sitting while shooting. On the ground I prefer standing unless they are real close.

From: hawkman
100% standing, too many times i have had deer just appear in the wrong spot, need to be able to adjust quickly and quietly

From: Predeter
Always standing. Spend very little time sitting while in the stand, prefer to stand and just lean against the tree.

From: Boreal
Depends on the stand and the shot but prefer to stand.

I prefer shooting while standing so do that the majority of time. Occasionally shoot while seated

From: Rgiesey
Always stand to shoot.

From: Grey Ghost
I've probably shot from my knees in spot and stalk situations the most. When in a tree stand, I periodically stand and sit, so I shoot from whatever position I'm in at the time.


When I use to tree stand hunt what ever it took. Standing, sitting, leaning, one foot dangling for counter balance. Most of it with a recurve, a little more forgiving with practice.

From: boobowmen
I set up all my tree stands to have a sitting shot. It doesn't always work so I am ready to stand. I have killed 3 deer this year. 2 sitting, 1 standing.

From: T Mac
Try to stand depending on the situation but have taken shots sitting, squatting and leaning effectively.

From: Rut Nut
I can;t remember ever shooting a deer while sitting. I don;t sit much, except if I am on stand for more than 4 or 5 hours. But once it is light, I am usually standing. I feel like I am "blind" to what is happening behind me while sitting. THerefore I am constantly looking 360* when standing. If I happen to be sitting when I hear or see a deer, I immediately stand. Just feel more comfortable and can "track" the deer more easily while standing, especially for those difficult shots.

From: Rocky D
I always stand and cannot remember getting busted but I’m sure that it has happened in the last forty years.

From: Rocky D
I always stand and cannot remember getting busted but I’m sure that it has happened in the last forty years.

From: Kannuck
Every animal I've killed from a treestand was from a sitting position. It's just more comfortable for me.

From: Ben
Over the years I have changed from always standing to sitting. Seamed like it was always windy when I'd have a shot and I was moving some standing up as well as the tree movement. Started sitting the last 8-10 deer and it is much more comfortable and I shoot turkeys sitting anyway so felt natural. Also there is so much less movement if you rest the bow on your boot toe. Lift ,draw and shoot

From: x-man
It's been 15 years since I hunted in a tree. All of my recent kills are while sitting on a stool ground level. When I hunted in a tree, I always stood when shooting. I adjusted my harness so I could lean out with the harness tight, supporting me. My body at about 30 degree angle to the tree, shooting down, keeping my body in the proper shooting form. Everybody said I was nuts.

From: Lost Arra
>>The second I hear or see something I’m on my feet with the seat flipped against the tree.<<

Same here

From: petedrummond
Sitting 90 degrees from shooting lanes. No noise squeaks or rustles moving. Stand if i have to. I feel the farther away the easier to see you move. The closer the easier to hear you.

From: drycreek
I never used tree stands, except for climbers, and I stood to shoot from them. Most Of my shooting was from tripods for two reasons. First, I don’t do hang-ons, second, where I hunted in Central Texas there were no straight trees and very few trees at all. It was mostly brush and crooked, short mesquite. I first tried to stand, got busted a couple times, then started shooting while sitting. I was already doing that while in a pop-up so…….

From: sticksender
I’m in the habit of standing most of the time while on stand. I don't recall any shots taken from sitting over the past 30 years or so.

From: Live2Hunt
I do sit in my stand and do practice from the sitting position but thinking back, most of my shots I were standing. I would rather be standing when one is coming in for sure. Generally, the last hour I'm in stand, I stand the whole time as that is when most of the activity is going to happen. If I'm rattling I'm always standing.

From: GhostBird
I shoot standing, if at all possible. Better form and ability to swivel.

From: jmiller
I try to shoot standing on every shot if possible.

From: iceman
Prefer to be standing, but it seems like most of the time I end up shooting while sitting.

From: RD in WI
As I wait for deer to approach, I prefer standing. This allows for greater coverage around the tree with some twisting movements, without requiring the additional movement of standing. Commonly, I use the trunk of the tree as cover, placing it between me and the approaching deer, taking into consideration the expected direction of approach. During the rut, I stand exclusively, given the tendency of rutting bucks to be moving with a purpose.

From: skipmaster1
I’ve killed probably 250 deer. I bet I was sitting for maybe 5 of them. I like to be able to move as the situation calls and I can’t do that sitting. I also stand 99% of the time I’m in the tree. If I’m sitting and a shot presents itself. I’ll take it.

From: wild1
I almost always shoot sitting, for these reasons:

1. Less movement, you're already sitting, this eliminates the movement of standing. 2. More stable, three anchor points (both feet, plus rear end), as opposed to two anchor points (both feet). 3. Less of a downward angle, thus eliminating the chance of a marginal shot.

From: South Farm
Whatever it takes is what I do. But I wonder...for you guys that use tree saddles...are you sitting or standing? Seems like you'd kind of being doing both at the same time, right? You're sitting in your saddle, but standing on your peg or platform or whatever you call it.

From: Two Arrows
If possible, I prefer to sit while taking the shot because I feel more solid or stable and there is less movement.

From: rooster
I guess thst I'm about 70 -30 stanging vs sitting. I killed my biggest buck sitting. He just showed up, and I never had to move. I sit most of the time on stand ad I feel I'm more still sitting.

From: Swampbuck
When I used hangers, both, probably 70-30 stand-sit. Now all my ladders have shooting rails so I’m forced to stand

From: greg simon
I sit on stand a lot so I shoot some deer sitting. I'll stand if I can. Like others I stand more during prime times.

From: Fields
Deer never seem to go exactly where I want them to go to even consider shooting them while sitting... Never shot a deer while sitting and not sure I'd be able to if needed....

From: Helgermite
Usually always standing if I can. I have never taken a shot at a deer directly below me and likely never would due to the likelihood of only taking out one lung.

From: deerhunter72
Never shot a deer sitting that I can remember. I sit now much more than I used to, but I always stand at the first hint of deer movement. Actually surprised to know that a lot of guys shoot sitting down.

From: tech1
I prefer to sit if at all possible, more solid and comfortable. Especially on steep angled shots. But if you need to stand (weak side shots) make sure to do as early as possible.

From: APauls
Curious question for tech1 and other sitting shooters: How do you approach a situation where a buck is walking at your stand from well out on your strong side?

Since he is well away from you on your strong side do you stay sitting? Then what happens if he continues on directly to your tree and now exits out the weak side? Honestly just curious.

Most of my stand hunting has been in ladder stands and I always shoot while sitting. When I use my climber I always stand to shoot.

From: buckeye
On my offside, (right side) I will stand but on my left side which I try to set up for, always sitting. I prefer to sit actually.

In stands facing away from the tree. About half and half I’d guess.

On the ground, about 95% standing.

I like shooting while setting down in a stand. However, the positions and rock solid I get out of a saddle beats anything shooting from a stand with the tree to your back. It’s awesome

From: woodguy65
In a tree stand - always sitting.

From: JW
Always stand to shoot. I’ve had a number of situations where I had to spin and shoot behind the tree. I definitely don’t want to limit my shooting opportunities and I feel like sitting does just that.

From: Errorhead
Always sitting, less movement for me, I practice this way so it feels natural.

From: spike78
I like hunting the thicker woods so usually when I see a deer it is too late to stand up and get picked off so sitting most of the time.

From: stealthycat
always sit, never ever stand. ever

From: JL
I've shot them sitting, standing, leaning and from behind.....doesn't make much difference to me because ya do what ya have to do to make a clean shot. That said...because I'm drawing right handed, I try to hang my stand approx 45 degrees offset to the path I "expect" the deer will take. This is so my right elbow will clear the tree behind me. I did go to a bigger platform hang-on (X-Stand Jester) that eliminated a lot of the elbow interference. I know some folks do not feel comfortable trying to stand and draw back. If I see a deer coming, I'll try to stand up before they get too close so I can have a better range of swinging for a shot if the deer doesn't follow the script.

The seat is worthless to me as I always stand. I only hunt about 4 hours at a time I don't do all day sits. Never shot a deer sitting down ever in 46 years of bowhunting.

Unfortunately sitting all time time has cost me opportunities in the past.

I definitely stand the first two and last two hours always now but a lot more during the phases of the rut.

But for shooting purposes I’d rather be standing.

From: tech1
Based on instincts and experience. If you feel he will go to your weak side stand. But do it early or know where other chances might be later. Look, in hunting it is meant to be or not meant to be. When it happens it seems like wow that was easy. But when it doesn't happen its like this impossible.

From: Blood
Standing. Always. If you can shoot a deer behind your tree or on the opposite side of your tree seated, your a damn good archer.

From: Pete-pec
I'd prefer more of these advertisements than the popups at the bottom of the screen lol. I hunt the same farm for whitetails, and use all ladder stands at this point. Huge standing platform and a flip up seat. Because I typically set up my stand so I'm quartering away to my strong side, I tend to either take the easy shot sitting, or I stand and use the tree itself as cover.

From: Duke
I’ve shot most deer seated. I set up my stands this way on purpose as to shoot on my left or center on a predicted runway. I only stand if the deer is coming on my week side. Of course, I had to have a left handed son… Great for baseball, but setting stands has become a battle. :)

From: dg72a
Standing for me.

From: Cornpone
Since I stand more than sit most have been standing.

From: Jethro
I have shot a few sitting. But 99% I stand up as soon as I see/hear a deer approaching. I'll make my shooter/non shoot decision while standing.

One of my earliest sitting shots I remember was out of the old wooden climber with metal band, where you bear hugged the tree to climb. No seat so I sat on platform with feet dangling below me. Deer came down and was passing me on my right. I leaned out over side of stand, twisted just my upper body, and made the shot. That was 30 years ago. Now age 50, doubt I have the agility to twist like that and pull it off.

From: craigmcalvey
I prefer standing. During the rut I stand most of the time as I have been surprised sitting and missed opportunities. Shooting while sitting is my last resort.


From: DonVathome
Never have seats in my stands. My stands are small (very small) so I do not get noticed. A human standing hugging a tree is a lot less noticeable then a human sitting. Also it is a lot easier to turn to shoot standing. I would say I have spent 0% of the last 20 years sitting bowhunting. Maybe 1% of the 15 years before that I sat. I have taken about 100 deer with a bow zero shots sitting.

From: VogieMN
I prefer standing, but the first buck I ever shot, a few years ago, came from behind me and to my left (I'm right handed) so it was easy for me to grab my bow and shoot from a seated position.

From: 12yards
I stand to shoot. With my bad shoulders it is hard for me to draw sitting. I'll often stand during prime time in the stand.

From: yeager
I let the situation dictate. I mostly sit while on stand to minimize movement. If I spot an animal well in advance and given the chance to stand without getting picked off, I’ll get up to shoot. Overall, I am probably 50/50. My last whitetail a couple of days ago I was sitting.

From: Elkninja
It is either for myself depending on the situation. Earlier in my years it had to be standing mainly because with two feet grounded you do have more leverage, however as I stand hunted even more I practiced shooting from a chair sitting, as well as kneeling, leaning etc. My muscles built up so I could finally draw straight with minimal movement in sitting position and I only drew when I wanted the animal to be in a stopped position for a clean shot or when he was behind a tree to walk or feed into shot position. I have taken several animals over the years with this method. The other thing I learned the higher up the better as the animals have become savy to tree stands but the key is line of sight angle at further distance for spotting any movements that you may take for granted because you are in a stand. I hope this helps from a young archery hunter since 1982. ??

Mostly standing.

From: Rock
I have never shot anything from a stand while sitting, I always stand. Ground Blinds I shout from sitting or off my knees.

I posted above that I do not shoot from a sitting position and that goes double when I am shooting my recurve bow because with a sharp downward angle shot, the lower limb of the recurve bow will hit parts of the stand/seat area.

From: Dr. Deer
I sit while waiting for the sun to rise. I stand the first and last hour of hunting light with my right shoulder against the tree, with the bow hanging right there. That Summit stand looks like a winner!

From: Wild Bill
Standing is preferred, I shoot a 62" recurve. Like Dr.Deer I stand for the first and last hour of hunting light, and, immediately when a deer is seen. I am imagining Dr.Deer is left-handed because as a right-handed shooter I position my bow arm shoulder to the tree, with bow cradled in my arms, bottom limb down.

From: JSW
I never really gave it much thought. Apparently, I almost always stand up when I see a deer coming. I tend to be standing already during the first and last hours so that makes a difference. Also, I've shot quite a few deer that came in on the wrong side so I had to stand and turn to shoot.

Now that I think on it, I'm not sure I can come up with a deer I shot while sitting. I've shot plenty of antelope from a tripod and I never stand up in a tripod. Get's you thinking, doesn't it?

From: Deerdawg
Standing I have better form, I don’t practice sitting, missed a chip shot on a nice deer sitting , caught on my call. I just thought it would be easy sitting. Practice it or stand!

From: Basil
I prefer to stand as soon as I am aware deer are coming. Bears I shoot mostly sitting because the placement of the bait usually lends itself to that. Deer are to unpredictable.

From: Bowfreak
I can't remember shooting a deer while sitting from a treestand.

From: Shawn
I have always set my stands to shoot while sitting and have probably killed 90 percent of my deer while sitting. I agree the situation dictates what I do, but if I can stay seated and comfortable I do. Lately I am saddle hunting and have killed my last 5 or 6 deer from a saddle, that said I am kind of sitting and standing at the same time. Shawn

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