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Any Guesses?
Whitetail Deer
Contributors to this thread:
JL 09-Nov-21
craigmcalvey 10-Nov-21
Bow Crazy 10-Nov-21
JL 10-Nov-21
deerhunter72 10-Nov-21
APauls 10-Nov-21
sticksender 10-Nov-21
From: JL
Got a vid of this buck. I'm thinking he is in the 3.5 to 4.5 range. Ya don't have any horns to help judge him by.....if anything, a lack of horns maybe a clue. There's something about him that doesn't look right. This is northern Michigan. Any age guesses???

Bonus footage....only got one vid of this buck. He appears to be a very smart one.

Extra bonus footage.....filmed these little guys hooking up this morning. Both came running in to a grunt call and then seen each other.

Extra, extra bonus footage....thought I was going to arrow one on tonight's hunt but it didn't pan out.

From: craigmcalvey
Guess? It’s a 1.5 yr old…doesnt look old to me in any way.

From: Bow Crazy
He doesn't look older to me either. Maybe a 2.5 yr old at the most?

From: JL
I was thinking he was loosing weight and on the backside??

From: deerhunter72
My first impression was that he's a young deer.

From: APauls
Looks like your average 1.5 year old spiker to me? Couldn't see anything different about him.

From: sticksender
Looks to be a yearling.

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