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best ladder stand?
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flyingbrass 11-Nov-21
JL 11-Nov-21
DanaC 12-Nov-21
craigmcalvey 12-Nov-21
Pat Lefemine 12-Nov-21
12yards 12-Nov-21
KSflatlander 12-Nov-21
CAS_HNTR 12-Nov-21
JL 12-Nov-21
Mule Power 12-Nov-21
Bowbender 12-Nov-21
DanaC 12-Nov-21
Sidekick 12-Nov-21
Shug 12-Nov-21
Trial153 13-Nov-21
From: flyingbrass
I've got a millennium and a hawk I and they are both good. I got a homemade one I really like too. Has anyone got the ultimate ladder deer stand for archery? I been archery hunting for 32 years and I have been is some safe and unsafe stands. What is the ultimate ladder stand? Anyone have plans for a great homemade stand? I'm asking because I bought some land next to my farm and I need some new stands.

From: JL
I suppose it depends on how high ya want and how wide ya are. I like the 1.5 ladder stands. I have a few in the 20'-21' range and like the extra room.

From: DanaC
I have a 'Big Game' that has held up well over time. Except the seat. *Why* manufacturers insist on using nylon, I will never understand.

From: craigmcalvey
I have a Rivers Edge that is far and away my favorite. Quiet and just tall enough in my opinion. Unfortunately I don’t think they are in business anymore.

From: Pat Lefemine
If you can find a 20” summit vine ladder then buy it. They don’t make them anymore unfortunately. I love that ladder.

From: 12yards
We put a bunch up this summer and I hate them all. Noisy. Can't shift your weight or feet without a creak.

From: KSflatlander
I have 7 Rivers Edge ladders and like them. I also have a 22ft X-stand and love it.


I put up one of these Freedom treestands from Trophy Treestands this's the nicest one we have so far (out of 10 others). 20' tall, super comfy seat, and easy to get around all sides of tree to shoot, that's for sure. Don't want to put it where you don't have some cover though as it's big.

From: JL
The ones I have are the Hawk Big Denali 1.5, the X-Stand Duke and X-Stand General. Each has their own bennies. If I had to give a slight nod to one manufacture.....I'd tilt to the X-Stand ones because they have the "jaw clamps" that grip the tree and hold the top of the stand safely in place so you can get up there and finish ratcheting down the top. If you assemble them by the directions.....mine do not make any noise at all. I can put these tall ladder stands up by myself without too much of a problem.

IMO.....for any ladder attention to the size of the foot platform. If you're going to stand up to shoot your bow, you'll want one with a big foot platform. I think it's my Big Denali that has a slightly smaller foot platform. It's not a problem for gun hunting and might not be a problem for most folks with smaller feet. I wear size 14's so I'm a little more sensitive to foot space....but that is just me.

From: Mule Power
I love my 3 Rivers Edge Lookout Deluxe stands. Plenty of room but not too big to carry and set up alone.

From: Bowbender
I have two Comfort Zones I bought from Dicks. Before they became d!cks. Platform is 14’. Placed in the right spot with amble cover, they’ve been deadly. A big plus is the platform goes all the way back to the tree.

From: DanaC
Got to agree with JL re. foot platform size. A lot of stands are obviously built for a sitting rifle hunter.

From: Sidekick
3rd season using the Archer's Deluxe ladder stand from Sportsman's Guide. Comfortable flip up seat, big foot platform, but a narrow ladder. The 8" sleeves that go over the joints need a strip of hockey tape to prevent rattles.

From: Shug
I love the big game 1.5… big and comfortable

From: Trial153
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