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Franzen 12-Nov-21
GhostBird 13-Nov-21
Rocky D 13-Nov-21
longbeard 13-Nov-21
GhostBird 13-Nov-21
GhostBird 13-Nov-21
Missouribreaks 13-Nov-21
t-roy 13-Nov-21
GhostBird 14-Nov-21
IKE220 17-Nov-21
sitO 17-Nov-21
Scoot 17-Nov-21
Brotsky 17-Nov-21
bowhunter24 18-Nov-21
DanaC 18-Nov-21
buckeye 18-Nov-21
tacklebox 18-Nov-21
BC173 19-Nov-21
Mad Trapper 20-Nov-21
From: Franzen
Good lookin' work Andy, as usual!

From: GhostBird

GhostBird's embedded Photo
GhostBird's embedded Photo
Appreciate it. Group photo of this year's Grand National Call Making Contest calls.

From: Rocky D
Absolutely stunning craftsmanship, you sir are an artist!

From: longbeard
Very nice GB. I’m confused, did you already win or that is going to be your entry? Either way, they are awesome looking!!

From: GhostBird
Thanks guys. Those were my decorative entries for the competition that was just held. Usually held at the NWTF Convention & Sport Show in Feburary each year; this year the convention was cancelled and the call competition was delayed and held online virtually due to the China Virus. Six First Place, two Second Place, two First Best of Class, a Second Best of Class, and two Third Best of Class. My best showing in the almost 20 years I have been entering.

From: GhostBird

GhostBird's embedded Photo
GhostBird's embedded Photo
I even got a double page "shout out" in the NWTF magazine, "Turkey Call".

Beautiful work.

From: t-roy
Beautiful work, Andy!

What types of wood do you use in your work?

Also, are the calls judged on how they sound as well, or mostly on the decorative aspects?

From: GhostBird
t-roy, I use a lot of exotic woods from Africa & Central America as well as domestic woods. Softer domestic woods like cedar, poplar, holly, butternut, etc. work well for box call soundboards allowing for good vibration.

Decorative calls are judged for sound. Sound is one of the judging criteria and is often the difference in first & second place calls.

From: IKE220
Truly beautiful work. I love walking through and looking at all the calls entered in the NWTF national convention. Congrats and good luck in February!

From: sitO
Just amazing work, and a LOT of work! I'm not even sure how some of those calls function, but I sure like looking at them! Congrats on all of the awards, well deserved.

From: Scoot
One talented dude! Super impressive Andy!

From: Brotsky
Beautiful calls as always Andy, you are an extremely talented artist! Congrats on the well deserved awards!

From: bowhunter24
Beautiful calls Andy! I had a Martin Warthog back in 1982 with Bubinga wood riser I felt kind of bad spray painting it camo...back when I thought every thing had to be camo!

From: DanaC
Beautiful work! It's kind'a scary that they sound as good as they look - I'd be afraid to take one into the woods.

From: buckeye
Very nice work Andy!

From: tacklebox
Those are truly incredible. Well done, much deserved awards.

From: BC173
Andy, that’s some artistry right there. Those trumpets look amazing and I’m sure they sound awesome.

From: Mad Trapper
Truely a gift to be able to craft calls like this. Well done!

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