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Texas Land?
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wildwilderness 13-Nov-21
milnrick 13-Nov-21
Coyote 65 13-Nov-21
wildwilderness 14-Nov-21
drycreek 14-Nov-21
wildwilderness 15-Nov-21
Questions about land in Texas- for a low fence/free range property that has whitetail, feral pigs, and hopefully some exotics like axis or fallow deer to bowhunt-

Which part of Texas to look at? What’s the minimum size (acres) would you recommend and what’s the going price per acre?

From: milnrick
I'd look West of Kerrville out as far (maybe) as Junction, North toward San Angelo.

I've got no idea on cost per acre.

From: Coyote 65
Around Rocksprings. $1000 and up. Had a lease on a place near Crane that had both mule and whitetail.


Thanks so far

From: drycreek
Leasing or buying ? Leasing you might find anything from $15 an acre to $25 acre or even more. Buying would be as Coyote 65 said. In the poor land it might be $1000 an acre for small properties, but in some sections of the Hill Country J Paul Getty would gag on the price.

I was thinking of buying depending on the property.

How many acres minimum would it take to shoot shoot a few deer, hogs a year?

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