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Rock Climbing harness, again
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12yards 15-Nov-21
JohnMC 15-Nov-21
Rock 15-Nov-21
MA-PAdeerslayer 15-Nov-21
RT 15-Nov-21
APauls 15-Nov-21
Shuteye 15-Nov-21
From: 12yards
Just wanted to bring this up again. I'm in need of replacing my treestand hunting harness. I have an HSS currently. I like the idea of going to a rock climbing harness instead, but I need linesman's belt attachment capability. Has there been any new products developed that allow use of linesman's belt. I like the thought of not having a harness around my shoulders. I get bound up when I'm dressed in heavier warm clothes and it impacts my shot process. I'd love for my shoulders to be free.

From: JohnMC
Just hook both sides of lineman belt to front center of harness it works fine.

From: Rock
2x JohnMC

I love my hss vest harness for sitting in my presets. Goes on either under or over layers fine. Pockets in it if you use it as outter layer, I usually put it under my jacket and fish it thru the “harness” opening on my coat. Very comfortable and does impede my movement at all.

From: RT
I know Petzl has one with loops but it looks more bulky than a regular harness and I believe it's designed for tree work.

On my harness I sewed heavy duty strap loops onto it and use an extra tree strap section that I sewed with heavy duty string using a sewing machine.

This setup holds me more stable than just connecting to the center loop but that would work as well if needed.

From: APauls
Saddle > Rock harness > standard harness.

if you're going to be hooking up to the front already for safety, why not hook up to the front like a saddle and open your world of possibilities up wider? Just a thought.

From: Shuteye
When I was a kid my Uncle worked for the electric company. He taught me to bow hunt and gave me a lineman's belt and spurs. We killed deer like that before we ever heard of tree stands or ladder stands. When I was first learning to climb, going up was no problem but I was stabbing the tree to hard coming down and I had to learn to just barely stick the spurs and put your weight on them. That uncle drove a landing craft during WW II and was only 17 years old. He was a great shot with a recurve bow and made his own arrows. He is gone now so thanks for the memories.

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