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timex 15-Nov-21
standswittaknife 16-Nov-21
Dale06 16-Nov-21
DanaC 16-Nov-21
drycreek 16-Nov-21
From: timex
And the pen raised deer eat what & the wild deer eat what & the best scent in the woods is none. Or at least it's been my experience. Perhaps some cover scents have merit evercalm seams to work & some fox or coon piss. But as far as deer scents iv had considerably more negative responses than positive.

I’m confused

From: Dale06
These various bottled scents work real well, for the seller of them. In 43 years of bowhunting, I’ve had one sorta positive result and numerous negative of neutral results when using commercial bottled scents. I stopped wasting my money a few years ago.

From: DanaC
My experience is, if a buck hits it first it may help, but if the does hit it first, they'll leave, and the bucks will follow them away.

Are in a 'doe area', or a 'buck travel corridor'?

From: drycreek
Bbbbbut, we’re in the bear forum……

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