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Trail cam sorting app
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hitmanonmac 17-Nov-21
Knife2sharp 17-Nov-21
hitmanonmac 19-Nov-21
Patricia 10-May-22
From: hitmanonmac
Wondering if any of you have used the apps available to sort your trail cam pictures? I am looking to find the most user friendly app out there. I should mention that our team uses the cuddy link system and we have about 20 cams running with a ton of photos to sort. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

From: Knife2sharp
That would be quite the app, especially if using the same model cams that use the same file name. I have multiple cams and various models. I create folders based on Year/Cam Location or Stand Name/Date range of photos. I like to swap cards every couple weeks, or monthly, regardless of free space remaining, just so they're somewhat manageable. I do tend to keep more photos than just big bucks, to me it's like a photo journal. I do keep another paren folder under the year for big bucks and bears. I use the same child folder names as well, and I may add the buck's name, that way, if one of us shoots a target buck I can find the series if the buck's photos. It does create dupes, but saves me time from having to search for them.

From: hitmanonmac
Thanks Ry. I was looking at Bucksort or deerlab. Not sure if there are any others out there.

From: Patricia
Thanks for sharing the information. I didn't know about this app before.

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