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From: thedude
Got an ancient cow elk in sage country. Teeth were basically gone. I cooked backstraps and they were great. I handled all of the meat care and the animal was cooled within an hour and frozen within 24 hours. No guys were busted and almost all of the tallow/fat/silverskin was removed prior to packaging

I made some 100% venison burger and noticed the flavor is different or stronger than I expected. It's not bad like rutting caribou or amazing like moose/bison, but somewhere in between.

What are your cooking techniques in these instances?

From: DanaC
Any idea what she was feeding on?

From: Grey Ghost
Elk, deer, and antelope definitely eat sagebrush, especially on their winter ranges when snow is covering up other vegetation. I've read it's loaded with protein, phosphorous, and calcium.

I add 10% bacon to all my wild game burger, and we absolutely love it.

Dude, next time try aging your meat before freezing. It reduces the "gamey" taste a bunch.


Ever tried a little Liquid Smoke? I like the flavor of it in elk burgers and steaks, just don't over do it. Coriander or parsley, thyme and sea salt dry rubbed on steaks for a half hour at room temp can really be good. If you're not into adding pig to your elk (I'm not), get creative with spices and find what you like best. I agree with aging a future elk you kill. I killed a bull with ground down teeth like your cow, and hung it for a week at 38F. Best elk I've ever eaten, and I've killed a fair share of cows and a calf.

From: APauls
I used a barrel one time for bear baiting that used to have liquid smoke. Dumped the last of the liquid on the side of the road by the bait site. Nothing grew there for over a year. I don’t put that stuff in my body lol.

From: thedude

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Pulled some steaks out. Tried a small corner and definitely a sage flavor. Did a good rinse this morning, added a coating or salt and let it rest 4 hours. Seared on high then finished in the oven with garlic and butter. Pulled out of the oven to rest and put salt and pepper on it.

Turned out amazing.

From: Shuteye
Dang, now I'm hungry.

From: cnelk
Use a jaccard on the steaks, then season. Put steaks in frig for 2 days. When ready to cook, take meat out and let it get to room temp.

Sear each side for 90 seconds. It will be a great tasting steak.

From: Pete-pec
1/3rd pork butt is what I add to lean deer. Ground venison alone needs to be served very rare, or fat added in my opinion, otherwise cooked too long or no fat added, and it's either dry or flavorless. Above all, beef tallow will never be added. Cannot stand that waxy coating left in my mouth after trying beef fat. I've had pronghorn who's diet must have been exclusively sage, I could not stand it. However we did burn the meat, and cleansed the house of evil spirits lol.

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