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Best canadian whietail outfitter
Whitetail Deer
Contributors to this thread:
Jaeger63 21-Nov-21
Nick Muche 21-Nov-21
rattling_junkie 21-Nov-21
Huntcell 21-Nov-21
Sam 21-Nov-21
Whatthefoc 23-Nov-21
Jailer 23-Nov-21
jdee 23-Nov-21
standswittaknife 23-Nov-21
rattling_junkie 23-Nov-21
Ollie 23-Nov-21
APauls 23-Nov-21
Milhouse 24-Nov-21
Whatthefoc 24-Nov-21
bassmasterjk 24-Nov-21
Jaeger63 08-Dec-21
Hancock West 09-Dec-21
Ollie 09-Dec-21
Rob Nye 15-Dec-21
Rackmastr 15-Dec-21
From: Jaeger63
Ive always wanted to do a whitetail bow hunt in Canada. Id love to hear from anyone who has hunted with, or has knowledge, of some good whitetail outfitters. Im not sure which Province. I hear great things about both Saskatchewan and Alberta for trophy quality.

From: Nick Muche
Rob Nye and Brad Fry would be on the top of my list.


From: Huntcell

Huntcell 's Link
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Mikes outfitters

From: Sam
I’m a huge Mikes Outfitting fan but remember, Alberta means no bait. Just something to think about.

From: Whatthefoc
Candle Lake Outfitters Curt Wells just shot one there last week.

From: Jailer
Whose Curt Wells? Any relation to Chandler?

From: jdee
I don’t know Brad Fry but after watching some of his videos he would be high on my list.

I just got back from Rob Nye’s place and it was amazing.. can’t wait to go back. Also northern Alberta outfitters with Ben Cockel is incredible..

"Lambley's Hunts from the Heart" in Alberta would be good as well.

From: Ollie
Jim Hole Jr. used to offer some very good whitetail hunts in the Edmonton bow zone.

From: APauls
There’s a lot of good ones. Hard to say “best.” Some great ones mentioned. I’d be looking to Saskatchewan or Alberta. Sask will most likely be baited.

From: Milhouse
Curt Wells is the editor of either Bowhunting or Bowhunter magazine .... I get em mixed up.

From: Whatthefoc
Jailer would do well on a baited hunt. He is a master at it.

But seriously, Fred at Candle Lake Outfitters is worth a call. He is on the SK forest fringe (same as Nye and Fry) and he understands bowhunting - unlike a lot of outfitters who claimed to.

From: bassmasterjk

From: Jaeger63
Thanks to all for your posts. I'll check out the ones recommended

From: Hancock West
Colin Paly with Northen Edge Outfitting. His hunters have been harvesting some real slammers lately.... He's a heck of a good guy too.

From: Ollie
Be aware that many Canadian whitetail outfitters rely on baited sites.

From: Rob Nye
I think Ontario and SK are the only provinces allowed to use bait for hunting deer. It is not the only method we use. If hunters do not want to hunt baited areas we can accommodate them by hunting near scrape and rub lines, travel routes and corridors, agricultural food sources etc. . Rattling and calling can be extremely effective in late October and most of November. If hunting baits is not your thing many Canadian outfitters have the ability to set you up for productive hunts using other methods.

From: Rackmastr
From a Canadian who has guided in the past, some of the top ones I'd look at: Rob Nye, Mikes Outfitting, Sean Lingl, Kevin Wilson. I hear nothing but great things about any of them. Anyone in the Edmonton bow zone thats been doing it long enough with a track record is worth looking at as well (depending the type of hunt you want). Colin Paly guides in an amazing area as well and when I was younger I guided a year with him. He was a really hard worker way back then.

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