A really big buck
Whitetail Deer
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From: Scrappy

Scrappy's Link

From: Bou'bound
That is awesome. Monstrosity of a buck gorgeous.

From: Pat Lefemine

Pat Lefemine's embedded Photo
Pat Lefemine's embedded Photo
Pic, slammer!

From: redquebec
Sweet Louise!!! Whenever I see a picture of a preposterous buck like that I imagine the buck fever that would hit as he's coming towards me. Awesome!

From: rooster

From: badguybuster
Holy Sh......izzle

From: sticksender
Fantastic buck.

Wondering if the story is in error regarding the date he arrowed the buck? (Nov 19)

From: Will
Ill say it, because no one else did.

Needed 2 more years. Clearly immature with so little mass and short tines. Shoulda let it walk...

Ok, on to seriousness. That's an amazing buck!

From: Hackbow

sticksender - it may be inaccurate, but since he shot it on private ground it would be legal on the 19th.

Per the regs:

LEGAL HUNTING DEVICES • Shotguns, loaded with slugs only, of not larger than 10 nor smaller than 20 gauge, not capable of firing more than 3 consecutive slugs; or • Single- or double-barreled muzzleloading rifles of at least .45 caliber shooting a single projectile through a barrel of at least 16 inches in length; or • Centerfire revolvers or centerfire single-shot handguns of .30 caliber or larger with a minimum barrel length of 4 inches; or • On private land only, archery equipment may be used with a FIREARM permit ONLY during the Firearm Seasons Nov. 19-21, 2021 & Dec. 2-5, 2021.

From: cnelk
Solid buck - I wonder what the buck's name was....

From: LINK
What a toad!

From: Medicinemann
Buck of a lifetime.....

From: bigswivle
Good lord

From: Copperhead
Absolutely awesome buck. It'll be nice to know the measurements just to let it soak in on how big he truly is. I don't know if I could shake the buck fever long enough to make the shot but it sure would be nice to try.

From: greg simon
All the information on this deer is on Drury's Deercast, including video of the kill. Which is free for OnX Elite subscribers.

The deer was called "The Matheny Buck"

Score is 226 2/8"

Shot at just over 50 yards out of a "stand" that looks like a conference room on a food plot called "The Grand Slam Field"

From: map1
I enjoy Thome when he’s on Drury brothers show seems like a good dude. He owns the record for most home runs hit versus my Detroit Tigers. Congrats Jim

From: Dale06
I saw him hit some monster home runs in Cleveland. Great buck.

That split G2 messes everything up. Probably would’ve passed. ;)

From: 12yards
I think Jim is a great dude! Loved him as a ballplayer. Seemed like a gentleman for sure. Watched him hit an absolute lazer bomb at Target field one time. I've always been a Tigers fan; I grew up in MI, but I was definitely a Thome fan. Congrats to him on a great buck!

From: Bowfreak
Absolutely amazing buck but I become less impressed when these big name guys tag huge bucks. Not taking anything away from them it just happens so much I am like....oh well another 200" buck, which is ridiculous to even utter.

From: deerhunter72
I don't care who killed it, that is an absolute monster! The article says they passed on it to let it get bigger, not many hunters have that kind of patience. I know I don't. WOW!!!

From: Zbone
YOWZA, way cool... Congrats to Big Jim... Couldn't happen to a nicer guy... Luved him with the Tribe, had heard he was a bowhunter and known he grew up near Peoria and would assume his property is near there... Would imagine MLB money could buy a heck of a nice farm in central Illinois... Curious how many acres... You know he's dedicated hunter to pick one of the top areas in the WORLD to buy property to hunt giant whitetails... Would wager he's well aware of Mel Johnson's buck from the area...

From: Hawkeye
Amazing buck!! Wow!!

From: T Mac
What a hammer congrats to Jim!

From: BC173
One hell of a slammer!! How Mel Johnson’s awesome buck is still #1, is absolutely amazing. I hope it remains there.

From: Korey Wolfe
Saying something negative about Jim is like saying something bad about America...

Heck of a nice buck!

Thome is a great dude and hunter.. and wow what a buck!!

Thome is a great dude and hunter.. and wow what a buck!!

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