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From: Powder
My son is 10 and would like to have his own bow. Any recommendations on a good bow for him? I'm not looking for something expensive, just a starter bow but yet is able to be adjusted a bit as he grows. I'm hoping it can last him longer than a year.

From: LINK
Diamond infinite edge or elite ember would be the ones I’d look at. I imagine the diamond is cheaper but the elite has limb stops that give a solid back wall. String stops at 20-40 pounds make for a real mushy back wall and inconsistent anchor.

From: SIP
The new Missions are fantastic for youngsters that are going to grow. Tremendous adjustability in them. And pending the kind of business models that tickle ur fancy, “Mission” may have a meaning worth looking into for ya.

From: Bowhunter09
I just bought a Mathews genesis. Should last my 10 year old grandson 4 years

A recurve or longbow will fit the bill as well; the draw length is always spot-on, and the draw weight automatically increases as the kid grows.

Kind of beautifully simple. I got my younger son a little Black Rhino longbow and he shot it from 5 years to 11. And his form is better than about 95% of the guys I see out there….

And you certainly CAN rig up a recurve with sights; if he loves it and gets good, there are college scholarships to be had via the JOAD route…

From: Dave B
I got my 12yo son the genesis. He shoots it ok, but to do it over again I'd get something with draw stops. I have it maxed out on poundage, it zips arrows pretty good.

From: Butcherboy
I got my boy the diamond atomic. My 7 yr old daughter is getting a stalker weasel for Christmas. Her bow is 13# @ 20”. She likes stickbows more and I can shoot my compound or longbow with both kids. I should have bought my boy a stickbow then a compound when he got a little older if he wanted to go that route. I prefer shooting my longbow with both kids.

From: Rgiesey
Raised 4 kids and had them shot recurves till they were ready to hunt. Good way to get the feel of what makes the arrows go. Also great for the hand eye and dexterity. I let them shoot compounds instinctively to shoot deer. I also have a buddy who shot deer with a trad bow at a very young age. I think 8

From: MirageTC
I have a old PSE/Browning Micro Adrenalin 45# peak youth bow. 60x strings on it. It have to be tuned/peep installed. It has a 2 piece quiver, whisker biscuit, trophy ridge sight, release, and soft bow case. $150 plus shipping

From: SBH
All of my boys have shot the mission bow. 4 of them. They started shooting it around 7-8 years old. Killed turkeys, bears, deer and elk so far. Pretty nice setup for around $350 new. Super easy to adjust as they grow and its a legit bow they can hunt with. My 14 year olds just upgraded this year so I think we may have one for sale. PM me if your interested.

From: rooster
X2 on the Elite Ember, not cheap but it will last a kid until he or she is old enough to buy their own bow.

From: LINK
Most of the kids bows adjust to 70 pounds but I wouldn’t buy one that didn’t. I bought my daughter a Hoyt Ruckus at 7 yo that goes to 45#. She had it maxed out at 11 and needs an upgrade. I’ll probably wait until she’s 13 then get her an adult bow.

From: jmiller
My oldest daughter shoots a Bear Limitless and she loves it.

I started my kids at 5-6ish with the Diamond Atomics. At 10, they had basically out grown them, so I went with an Elite Ember for the 12 yo daughter which can basically last forever for her. I went with the Bowtech Amplify for the boy which has worked out well, but it may have been a little mass heavy when he switched.

The 10 yo boy has already killed two deer with the Amplify at 35 lbs and my daughter killed her first with a bow this year at 35ish pounds.

I think an infinite edge would be a decent go between for price, but I'd certainly recommend either of the two bows the kids have.

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