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LaughingWater 28-Nov-21
Jaquomo 28-Nov-21
jrstegner 28-Nov-21
Royboy 28-Nov-21
Empty Freezer 28-Nov-21
Jeff.Thomp 29-Nov-21
hi all - i'm looking for recommendations for a guided archery elk hunt. I have done 2 solo DIY OTC trips in the past, car camping and then spiking out, but the reality is with 3 little kids at the moment it is tough for me to get away, so i would like to up my odds of success.

in terms of what i am looking for: 1) OTC or landowner tags... i don't have any points anywhere 2) i don't need much in terms of accommodations - i'd be fine with camping/tent etc. if that would get me on the elk, but i would be ok with staying at a ranch/cabin etc. as well. in fact, access to internet would be a bonus so i could stay in touch with work etc. 3) my past elk hunts have been in real rugged country (unit 53 CO) where there was a lot of hunting with my feet and ears, and not much opportunity for glassing. i wouldn't mind spending more time hunting with the optics, but am also ok with rugged. 4) i have a preference for Colorado as i have some friends and family there, but i am flexible 5) i'd like a shot at a 6x6 bull... 350 class would be a dream 6) i'd like to think there should be options out there for $10k or less, but everything seems to be getting more expensive these days so i have some wiggle room on budget.

any thoughts and recommendations from the pros here on bowsite would be appreciated!!

From: Jaquomo
Check with Forest and Flattops Adventures. He is a Bowsite sponsor and highly recommended.

From: jrstegner
Forest should be your first call.

From: Royboy
Pm sent

Forest X1000

From: Jeff.Thomp

  • Sitka Gear