Ever had this happen?
Whitetail Deer
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From: HotLZ

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HotLZ's embedded Photo
Had a 32 yd shot at a decent buck a couple weeks ago. Everything felt good on the shot, but I lost sight of my arrow 2/3s of the way there and couldn't visually confirm the hit. Definitely heard the sound of a hit, and he ran off and I lost sight of him. After giving him some time, I went over to where I had hit him to look for my arrow (easton axis tipped with a QAD Exodus). I found it in short order, laying flat on the ground, but much to my dismay, there were only a couple hairs on it, and a tiny bit of brownish looking fluid on the vanes. That's it, nothing on the shaft. I got my nephew who was hunting not too far from me to help track as I'm colorblind and can't see blood worth a hoot. He confirmed my fears that there was nothing on the arrow other than what I stated earlier. We took up the bloodtrail after giving him an hour or so, and after a slow first 10 yds, it got heavier and steadier to the point where we were briskly walking. Turns out he only went about 50-60 yds. He died with the exit hole side up and it looked very good placement wise. I flipped him over to see where my arrow had entered, and was surprised to see that it was about perfect, imo. I dressed him gutless style, and didn't pull the heart, but I wish I would've done an autopsy to look at the organ damage.

I'm a bit puzzled about how my arrow could be so clean given the shot placement. Haven't seen that before in all my years of bowhunting.

Sometimes it’s weird. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense.

But I think I’ve got this one.


You didn’t keep the heart! Assuming it’s not the first time. No heart sandwiches!

Thus, you are a heartless son of a gun and got a clean looking arrow and worrisome ten yards as a warning to change your ways.

You need some heart!

; )

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense. Nice shot. Enjoy.

From: 2Wild Bill
Maybe that arrow has "slick trick" on it, ya know, the stuff that makes it easy to remove from foam targets?

From: grape
If I don’t keep the heart(whenever possible) my wife would be disappointed.

From: Boreal
Got a picture of the other side?

From: Scoot
I've never had that happen to me, but it did happen to my brother once. :)

From: 12yards
That's very weird. I've never had an arrow bloodless like that. I will say, I've seen very bloody arrows that I thought were good and didn't smell like guts, that definitely went through guts. A buddy shot a nice 10 pointer this year. We thought back of lungs and liver. On field dressing, it definitely went through guts.

From: HotLZ
Boreal, no I don't, but it was just slightly lower than the entrance

From: KHNC
Happened to me on a nebraska buck last year. Perfect hit. Tracked it in the 4" deep snow. Within 50 yds, it was piled up. NO blood on my vanes and none in the snow either. Definitely double lung and no heart on mine. I was baffled at the no blood on the trail in the snow. Would have been hard to miss if there were any. I used a Ramcat for the 12yd shot.

From: TGbow
Thats weird...Ive seen good hits with very little blood. Strange

From: olebuck
i've seen it happen more than once. i have learned that sharpness is the #1 key to blood loss. razor sharp - stropped blades make the blood pour!

From: smarba
Had a complete pass-through on an ibex at 6 yards, perfect lung shot behind the leg. Arrow, fletching and broadhead were CLEAN. Absolutely pristine. No color, no scent, no nothing. The ONLY hint was what was possibly a tiny piece of hair 1/4" long in the broadhead ferrule, which looked like dried grass. I seriously thought I had missed, but 20 yards away the blood was solid and the beast dead in less than 50 yards. I was astonished at the lack of sign on my arrow. Strange things can happen.

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