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From: SDHNTR(home)
I’d like to try to get in one last adventure hunt with my old man, while I still can. I’d love to do Sitka deer but my dad does not want to camp or do a boat based hunt. Are there lodges that can actually get you into deer on a day hunt basis? I understand this is far from ideal but is it doable? Any recommendations? Fishing would be a bonus too.

From: Nick Muche
Kodiak Combos would be a good place to start.

From: SDHNTR(home)
Thanks Nick.

The boat thing is off limits because my dad gets seasick very easily.

From: Glunt@work
I went to Kodiak Adventures Lodge a few years ago. Good operation, decent hunting, great fishing.

Weather and current herd numbers can be big factors

From: Deertick
I was happy with Raspberry Island Lodge a few years ago, though the deer numbers were down in the area then. Great operation. Birch and his wife were excellent -- great food and boats ... hunts were DIY, but he'd drop off and get you daily.

From: Drop Tine
Deertick, it looks like there are two lodges that have the same name. There is Rasberry Island lodge and Raspberry Island Remote lodge. Which one did you hunt with? Sent you a message also.


From: Amicus
I have hunted with this group for the last 10 years. Very nice people and willing to accommodate. Tell them I referred you.


Reach out to BSC. They have an option you may like for Sitka deer. Good on you hunting with Dad.

From: longsprings
Stay awsy from Afognak numbers way down , info from friend with cabin on Afognak Check it out Ashama lodge with Bob May

Call Jeremy at Rogue Expeditions... he might have something that'll work for you and your dad. Ed F

From: Potro
30-Nov-21 Great place and fantastic food. I hunted with them and got a nice bear. The Randalls are good people, your dad will be very happy. Noew I was trying to hunt with them this year, and they told me that they close their deer hunt this year due a very low volumen of deer, so perhaps it will be better to wait a couple of years, but the place is fantastic

From: LKH
About the seasick issue, can he handle rides in small boats? Some of the places take you by small boat to new areas each day.

The boat I hunted Olga Bay one year had a sea plane (Otter?) drop us off and pick us up so there was really no rough or rolling rides involved.

From: SDHNTR(home)
Thanks all. Appreciate the recommendations. To be clear, I was looking primarily for unguided deer hunts, but now that I think about it, guided might work, especially if I could combo it with a bear hunt! A short, inshore ride on a small boat in calm inner waters is probably OK, but sleeping on the boat and/or any long boat ride is definitely out. I own a 28’ sport fishing boat. Pops won’t set foot on it. Kills me.

From: Glunt@work
At the lodge I went to you fly in on a float plane. It's a big bay that's fairly calm and they run you out by boat to where you choose each morning. You can radio for a pickup or just set a time. We also hunted right from the lodge a few days. Never saw anyone except an occasional plane passing over.

They have a Conex set up for self processing your deer and then they froze it and our fish in boxes for the flight home. We did a 1/2 day of fishing for halibut and cod mid week. Caught more than enough to feed camp and take plenty home. He probably wouldn't like that long on the boat.

From: TXCO
If he gets that seasick on a boat, will he be able to handle a float plane?

Another option could be to try and draw a goat tag and do the road based hunt.

Larson Bay Lodge ... great host and very nice folks. Went there in 2019.

From: Mad Trapper
Does Larsen Bay host bowhunters?

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