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Kanati 29-Nov-21
Moosemania 29-Nov-21
Hh76 30-Nov-21
Kanati 30-Nov-21
Catscratch 30-Nov-21
From: Kanati
For those who have one what temps do you start wearing it ?

From: Moosemania
I will use mine anything under 40 but I'm sure I'm not the norm. Id guess most guys don't use it until below freezing.. For me it's what I need to get out of a warm bed and face the cold. I can't tolerate being cold. By far the single best hunting investment I've ever made. Keeps me in the woods when the deer are moving.

From: Hh76
depends on how long my sit will be, and how far the walk is to where I'm planning on sitting. If all day, or a short walk, I usually bring it if its not going to get above 40ish.

From: Kanati
Used to use it when in the 20’s. Wore bibs and coat. Now if the wind chill is even high 30’s and im doing a all day sit i wear it. Why bulk up when i could have two thin base layers and a hoodie?

From: Catscratch
20's if windy and a long sit is planned. Hard to hunt if it's lower than 15 without it. I'm spoiled!

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