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Why Hunters Don’t Kill the Biggest Buck
Whitetail Deer
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From: Bowboy

Bowboy's Link
This is a good video from Don Higgins why people don’t kill the biggest deer on their hunting property.

WTH is a “horizontal scrape”? lol

Good info but I'm fairly sure the reason I don't kill the biggest buck is because he's rarely the first legal one to walk by.

From: Shiloh

Shiloh's Link
What about this one??

From: midwest

midwest's Link
Horizontal rub. I don't get the attraction, either, but Ted Miller has been using them for years.

He said “Horizontal scrape” at the 3:04 mark. LOL sorry just being an a-hole.

From: deerhunter72
I totally agree with most everything Don is saying. But, it's all about your own goals and I get a lot of enjoyment being out on my property. Is that hurting the hunting, probably so. My main problem is I'm not very patient and no matter how much I tell myself I'm going to wait on a particular deer, the first nice looking rack that shows up is in trouble.

Never heard of a horizontal rub, or scrape for that matter;)

From: air leak
I may be in the minority here, but I couldn't care less if I don't kill "the biggest buck".

I enjoy being in my tree stand, and I'm good with taking the first mature doe that gives me a shot.

Does with yearlings, yearlings, and spikes get a pass.

For me, it's not about killing "the biggest buck."

From: APauls
Air leak you’re passing up all the tastiest animals! Lol

From: JL
I get a great feeling of accomplishment getting an old, public land doe. They are extremely cagey.

From: air leak
APauls.... "Air leak you’re passing up all the tastiest animals! Lol"

Yeah, I know, I know.. But as we get into December, I need to cash a paycheck for my hard work in the stand. And a yearling isn't so small like in September..

From: Hancock West
Alot of what he's saying about Human pressure is most definitely true. We worked hard on our properties for 10years bumping deer regularly. The work made better habitat & improved the property overall but we didn't see the fruits of our labor until we started staying off the property during the off season. All of our projects that didn't seem to be working all started coming together.

From: buckhammer
Patience and persistence are the 2 keys to killing the biggest buck on your property

From: Tracker
The key here is "Your Property". Come down to location, location, location. Give me land where I can hunt exclusively and keep the deer on my land and I'll kill him, But unfortunately I don't have 3-400 acres that meet that criteria.

From: Buckiller
Hancock west, I agree 100%

From: RT
Because they are mostly nocturnal, even during the rut, on public land.

From: cnelk
You know why hunters don’t kill the biggest buck?

Because there’s always one bigger.

For me it’s simply because I am not good/talented enough.

From: DanaC
Truly big bucks are a small percent of the population. Some get taken every year but to actually expect them, well...

The guys who get pix of them, or see them in fields during summer, and then 'target' them and hunt them (only!) are driven like most others are not. Yeah, most of us would sure like to shoot a 'trophy' but how many will pass on a 'decent' buck or a 'nice eating doe'? How many will do the work and pay the money to hunt in Kansas or Alberta or wherever the odds are better of shooting a whacking big deer?

Heck, I know a guy who spends thousands every year on hunting trips, but he'll still shoot one just out of spots closer to home.

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