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Horizontal Rub Posts - Ted Miller
Whitetail Deer
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Nimrod90 02-Dec-21
Bow Bullet 02-Dec-21
JL 02-Dec-21

TREESTANDWOLF's embedded Photo
TREESTANDWOLF's embedded Photo
I stumbled across one of Ted’s videos on YT through “ The Hunting Public” channel. (These guys are a lot of fun and great to watch)

Anyways, Ted, a lifelong Whitetail guy had built these all around it seems and they obviously work great.

If you would like to expand your arsenal, I suggest checking out Ted’s videos through the Hunting Public channel, He takes some great Whitetails and he’s certainly entertaining as well.

Here is a pick of one of his set ups.


From: Nimrod90
I started making these a few years ago after watching teds video, they work great and i get alot of buck pics on them. Build them sturdy, they get tore up!

From: Bow Bullet
They released a brand new Ted Miller video last night on The Hunting Public's YouTube channel. Hunting over his horizontal rub.

From: JL
I never played with the horizontal sticks. Here's a vertical hanging stick with a dripper tied to the top of it. I have pulled saplings over and tied them to another sapling to create a sniffing branch.

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