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Ripcord LOK Rest ?
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Bou'bound 02-Dec-21
Cheesehead Mike 02-Dec-21
Milhouse 02-Dec-21
Brotsky 02-Dec-21
carcus 02-Dec-21
Pat Lefemine 02-Dec-21
Mark S 02-Dec-21
Cheesehead Mike 02-Dec-21
midwest 03-Dec-21
Bou'bound 03-Dec-21
Cheesehead Mike 03-Dec-21
mountainman 03-Dec-21
Bou'bound 17-Dec-21
From: Bou'bound
Is anyone out there using the Ripcord LOK limb driven rest and have feedback to share. I have always had great results with QAD Ultra cable driven, but am interested in fiddling and was looking for feedback on limb vs cable driven and the LOK specifically.

Thank in advance.

I don't have any info on the Ripcord but my QAD Ultra malfunctioned and didn't drop twice this year and cost me a 150" class 10 pointer in Iowa and an upper 140's 9 pointer in Kansas. I'll be shopping for a new rest too!

From: Milhouse
I have one. It locked in the up position on me, after about 50 shots. Sent the fletching right through the launcher. Then it worked for a few shots. Then it locked up again. Broke the launcher that time. I bought a Hamskea.

Sent the Ripcord in. They put a new launcher on it, and sent it back. It's laying on my dining room table, and for sale, if anyone wants it.

From: Brotsky
I'm also shopping for a new rest and might still have PTSD from my TT Smackdown failing on Kodiak. Hamskea will be my likely choice as well, haven't heard of many, if any, issues with them.

From: carcus
I put a ripcord drive cage on my xpedite, haven't had it long enough to give an opinion, it seems good, had a trinity hunter it was good,a bit bulky, qads are stimm my favorite

From: Pat Lefemine
Ripcord was purchased by a conglomerate, Same with tight spot and.Black Gold.

Same thing happened to slick trick broadheads which we discussed earlier.

These were outstanding companies when they were owned by Mike (black Gold), Keith (Ripcord), and joe (Tight Spot), and Gary with Slick Trick.

I’m seeing a trend.

From: Mark S
Wow. Cheesehead that stinks! I've not had issues but only takes 1 time.

Yeah Mark it was crazy and extremely frustrating. This past summer while I was practicing before my elk hunt, my QAD rest failed to drop on 4 consecutive shots. I adjusted the cord so it was pulling a little harder on the rest and it never did it again. I shot a bull in Arizona and the rest worked fine. I didn't practice a whole lot in October but the rest worked fine every time I shot. Fast forward to November 13th in Iowa and a 150 class 10 point came walking by like he read the script. He was broadside at 10 yards and I was locked on him with my pin behind his shoulder. I shot and couldn't believe it when my arrow flew crazy high and left over his back. After about 20 minutes I couldn't take it anymore and I climbed down and grabbed my arrow. I reenacted the shot and the same arrow flew perfect and hit the leaf I aimed at. On the advice of another hunter I talked to I put a little Rem oil on the moving parts of the rest. I also cycled the rest up and down several times every time I got into my stand. I also shot an arrow at a leaf every time before I got down out of my stand after a morning hunt. It worked fine every time. Until November 22nd in Kansas almost the same scenario with a 9 pointer pushing 150" standing still slightly quartering away at 11 yards and my arrow corkscrewed crazy high and left over his back. It was absolutely unbelievable! I could have killed both bucks with my recurve! It must be something about the first shot in the cold morning temperatures. After that I pulled out my 21 year old Mathews MQ1 backup bow and hunted with it but didn't see any more shooter bucks. I'm going to put my bow outside in the cold weather for a couple hours and then shoot it and see if it happens again. Regardless of whether it does it again I'll still be getting a new rest. I still can't believe it happened...

From: midwest
I have a Hamskea VersaRest for sale if anyone is interested. Brand new with the Easy Glide cord tensioner. Nothing wrong with it, I just went with the Vapor Trail due to weight and compactness. I have a VersaRest on my backup bow and it's been flawless.

$120 TYD.

From: Bou'bound
Temps should have no impact. Took two muskox with a QAD. First was -45F second was at -25 degrees.

Bou, I realize that temps shouldn't have an effect but I was wondering if moisture had gotten inside the moving parts and was freezing up or something? The rest is 5 years old and has been shot thousands of times in warm and cold weather. I have no idea what caused it or of it's just worn out...

From: mountainman
I have had a QAD (the higher end version) on for about 5 years. It has been great. I will likely get a new one soon, simply because most things, no matter how good they are, wear out eventually.

From: Bou'bound

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