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MA-PAdeerslayer - Dec-04 Mobile live hunt from PA
Whitetail Deer
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MA-PAdeerslayer 04-Dec-21
drslyr 04-Dec-21
MA-PAdeerslayer 04-Dec-21
5:26 AM LIVE from PA*
LIVE FROM PENNSYLVANIA!! It’s Saturday morning and a brisk 30*. Stockin up the Woodstove, drinking some coffee then it’s off to the farm to see if we can’t kill some deer! All the rain this year really did a number on the power lines and gas lines. Gas company couldn’t get them cut due to it being so wet and the golden rod is like a Forrest! Taller than me and thicker than you can imagine!

Stay tuned!

From: drslyr
Did you get the videos i sent u?

Yup!! Wow!

Awfully quiet this morning. Giving it another 30 minutes then gonna still hunt thru these nut trees twords the pasture. Not a single shot so far..

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