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Drop away arrow rest longevity
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pirogue 04-Dec-21
Ambush 04-Dec-21
Bou'bound 04-Dec-21
Kurt 04-Dec-21
Blood 04-Dec-21
Dale06 04-Dec-21
Gileguy 04-Dec-21
Ermine 04-Dec-21
Butcherboy 04-Dec-21
Buffalo1 04-Dec-21
Cazador 05-Dec-21
midwest 05-Dec-21
Matt 05-Dec-21
Cheesehead Mike 05-Dec-21
fubar racin 06-Dec-21
APauls 06-Dec-21
12yards 06-Dec-21
carcus 06-Dec-21
olebuck 06-Dec-21
smarba 06-Dec-21
carcus 06-Dec-21
Smtn10PT 06-Dec-21
x-man 06-Dec-21
Michael 06-Dec-21
pirogue 06-Dec-21
Papadeerhtr 08-Dec-21
kakiatkids 08-Dec-21
From: pirogue
How long, with average to infrequent shooting, should a drop away arrow rest last? I have a 2 year old Rip Cord, that seems to drop sporadically. Everything is tight, but some shots are OK, and occasionally, there will be heavy contact marks on the fletchings. Still drops every time, just not corresponding with release.

From: Ambush
Some Ripcord models had problems getting chewed up inside.

From: Bou'bound
I have had QADs on all My bows since 2009 and never had a single failure. Probably 10 different bows and the 6 different rests. Heck one was a used one given to me by cityhunter many years ago and still on my bow and working.

From: Kurt
I have a Ripcord from 2007 and two more from later I still use (maybe 2011 and 2013?). But as Rod said there was one era that was problematic, probably a little later than any of mine. That said Ripcord will take care of your problems if you give them a call in my experience.

From: Blood
The cable driven will wear out faster than limb driven. The spring that pulls the rest down in a cable driven model will naturally get less springy….where as you don’t have that issue on a limb driven.

Once you start getting contact, the spring might not be pulling the rest away fast enough over time.

From: Dale06
Ive used Ripcord on several bows for at least four years and then still worked fine. And I shoot a lot. I’m using QAD now, but only the last year.

From: Gileguy
Ripcord since 2014, shoot alot and no problems so far.....maybe I should start thinking about a new one?

From: Ermine
I’ve used the same Hamskea rest for years and years. Never once had any issue.

Not all tests are built the same however

From: Butcherboy
I’ve had my current QAD since 2012 with no issues. That can easily change with any piece of mechanical equipment though.

From: Buffalo1
QAD since ? (a long time). Never had a problem. The keep on dropping on time.

From: Cazador
I've had good luck with the TT Pronghorn series. Like anything in archery, if you find something, and really like it, try to buy a couple backups before they get sent off to China.

From: midwest
No kidding, Caz. Same with broadheads!

From: Matt
I have heard of more than a few issues with QAD rests.

Well, as some of you are aware my 5 year old QAD failed on me this year and cost me 2 big bucks. I had some warning though because it acted up on me late this past summer and failed to drop on about 4 consecutive shots. I should have replaced it then but I thought I had it working correctly again.

From: fubar racin
I had trouble with my ripcord before I even got strings settled in on my last bow went back to qad and no problems with any of them

From: APauls
I'll have to favourite this thread and reference it if I ever get the urge to lose my biscuit. 20 years and counting with no failures. Everybody ragging on me with my training wheels.

From: 12yards
I have a QAD Pro HD on my primary bow that I bought in 2010 that still works like the day I bought it. Had it on a Drenalin, then a Maxxis 35, now a Synergy.

From: carcus

From: olebuck
I've had 2 QAD Failures - but i shoot a tremendous amount. I have a Garmin A1i bow site and it has a shot counter on it. i shoot about 400-600 shots a month in the off season. If ever have another failure i'm gonna switch to something else...

From: smarba
I don't shoot a lot, but Vapor Trail Limb Driver has performed flawlessly for me for 6-7 years. And I have used my bow hard, hauling it through brush, banging it on rocks & cliffs, etc. Shout out for Hoyt Carbon Matrix too.

From: carcus
I've sent 2 qad hdx's back for issues, still may favorite out of the limbdriver, biscuit, smackdown, hamskea trinity and ripcord drive cage. Unfortunately they don't like to get wet for extended periods. Thats why I switched to a trinity on my elk and moose bow and now the new drive cage, the trinity was a tad bulky but quality, may go back to one if I dislike the ripcord

From: Smtn10PT
Ive had two QADs fail to lock in the up postion when loading my bow. They would still lift when I drew back but I didnt want my arrow rattling around on the shelf so I switched them out. Seriously considering going back to the biscuit.

From: x-man
I didn't realize they still made/sold cable-driven dropaways... ;)

From: Michael
My only QAD failure was on a new one. Not sure if the spring was bad or something was tight in it. But out of the box it had issues. Took it back in they gave me a new one snd haven’t looked back since. This was in 2013. The last few years I haven’t shot much but from 2013 through 2018 I averaged a couple thousand arrows a month from April till September.

From: pirogue
Thanks for the replies.

From: Papadeerhtr
I'm still shooting my Trophy Taker I've had since early 2000s. Never seen any reason to switch. Simple design bullet proof!!!

From: kakiatkids
I have used my QAD since 2014 and never had a problem.

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