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(Sorry) New arrow setup questions
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Rip TKO’s have been a major disappointment, especially considering the cost. Out of a dozen and a half (two different batches from two shops in different parts of the country) seven have broken on shots into game/at game.

I tend to look for an arrow system that works and stick with it. Tried the RIP TKO’s based on the feedback from some local buddies who had good luck with them. Ideally what I use moving forward I’ll buy a couple dozen and be set for at least a few years.

I’m deciding between three options:

1.) Tried and true Easton Axis Match grade. If I go this route I’ll use at least the Iron Will collar, if not their whole HIT system.

2.) Gold Tip Hunter Pro. I haven’t used these before, but came highly recommended from my buddy that works at a pro shop that actually does a really good job. His recommendation was to keep the nock bushing and just use a better nock (Easton deep six nocks?).

3.) Easton 4mm long range match grade. If I go this route, I’ll use the Iron Will Snyder Core system. The downside here is cost, as the shafts and components are not cheap.

I will either order the shafts from Lancaster and have them cut the arrow as I don’t have a saw, but will not have components installed. OR borrow my buddies saw so I can cut the arrows at both ends.

I am going to square both ends of the arrows regardless of which route I go.

I’d like to hear from folks who have used any/all of these, or which arrow you would recommend out of the three listed.

I’m using my recurve for the rest of my Iowa whitetail season so I have all off-season to get arrows ordered, bow tuned properly etc.

Thanks all, happy hunting

Look into Valkyrie Archery Reign arrows and their center point system. Be sitting down when you look at the price.

From: RT
I've used the GT Hunter Pros a lot over the years. They are ok, I had to get replacement shafts to make up for 4 out of diameter shafts that were in my recent dozen " Pros". It took weeks to get the new shafts fwiw.

I use the regular GT nocks for more bite on the string while hunting.

Bareshaft and index tuning still work well with the new lots. Not sure I will get them going forth however. The GT Hunter is likely plenty consistent for anything, I have used those as well.

The GT's usually only break when the animal I shoot breaks them. I wouldn't consider them a fragile shaft and they won't bend like AC type shafts.

From: Buck Watcher
If the Axis I have now ever break - many years so far - my next arrows will be Made in USA Axis Match Grade with 50gr brass HIT inserts.

Think i'm going to go with either the 5mm match grade or 4mm long range match grade Axis. Just have to decide whether or not I can justify the cost of the Snyder system, as I will not use an outsert on the micro shafts.

Go with eastons , everything else is subpar as far as I'm concerned. Plus made in USA

From: Ambush
The Iron Will collar will make the 5mm Axis about as indestructible as a shaft can be. I make my own collars, but if I didn't it would be the IW. The system is far superior to anything else I've seen. Many outserts simply add more leverage for forces to split the shaft at the end.

After switching to the Axis a number of years ago, I also gave up spine checking all of them. I did quite a few for friends to. The time is better spent shooting them to find a possible flyer.

From: mattandersen
been using gold tips for years don't fix if it ain't broke

From: Buffalo1
Easton brand is tried, true & proven.

From: Bowfreak
I love the toughness of Gold Tips. There is a lot of new stuff on the market but I haven't found anything I like better for hunting than Gold Tip .246 diameter arrows.

From: SIP
Have used goldtips and axis and believe they are both great quality shafts. As said above, i have only had the goldtips break when i hit off shoulder, still had some shaft in the deer and they broke it when taking off. But ive had similar results with the axis. I dont believe there is a wrong answer between the two. Good luck!

From: JL
Another vote for Gold Tips. I have the camo Pro ones. Been shooting them probably since 2006 or so. No complaints...

From: Butcherboy
I shoot the Axis 5mm and can say as well that they are a fantastic arrow. I shoot them with 75 gr brass insert, 150 grain head off my longbow. 50 gr insert and 150 grain head off my compound. 340’s for each bow but different lengths. I don’t use a collar and don’t see a need for them. The arrow can break just as east behind the collar and insert as it can in front of the insert. More so actually. The collar is to prevent the mushrooming problem but I don’t have that happen either. If did shoot some kind of collar I would use Easton’s bar system. A lot cheaper and only adds about 5 grains.

From: TurboT
We’re your broken arrows pass through’s? Most of my arrows break if they are in the animal as they run away. I don’t think any arrow can withstand those forces. I shoot gold Tip hunter pro with either iron will or muzzy. Both heads fly well and have been effective. My hunting partner shoots Easton arrows with montec heads. Both set ups have been lethal on lots of deer and elk. I don’t think You can go wrong with either. The collars aren’t necessary but will certainly help if u hit bone on entrance. Good luck!

The two that broke while sticking in animals when they run off I’m not considering a failure-all would break.

The ones that passed thru and broke, or just broke on a miss are unacceptable, especially at $200+ a dozen.

Never had that happen with the Axis I shot (15 years of bowhunting almost exclusively with them).

Guess I just made up my mind. Just have to choose between the 5mm and 4mm long range.

Have the Easton Axis Match with the Iron Will collars. Going on 4 years with 2 dozen and may have broke 1,2. They are unbelievably tough. I'd go that route again in a heartbeat.

From: JohnMC
Depends on what they hit on a miss or pass through. You hit a rock with any arrow it is going to break. Also on a pass through or if it catches a limb or something and deflects and hits something sideways it is going to break.

I guess I wish I thought highly enough of my shooting to be willing to drop $200/dozen on shafts….. LOL

But I’m sure I go through a lot more arrows than you guys do.…. Considering that I have gotten to where I am buying nocks & points in bags of 100….

So for the OP - I hope you’re having enough fun with that recurve to be busting up a few here and there!

From: 12yards
I really like Gold Tip standard diameter arrows and Victory VForce arrows. My newest arrows are the VForce Elite 350s with standard 21 grain inserts and a 20 grain screw weight with a 125 grain head. With Blazer vanes and a 4" wrap they are about 441 grains. I also have some GT XT Hunter 340s that weigh at 421 grains with 125 grain head. Nothing fancy for me.

GT Hunter Pro 300's standard insert (12 grains) 20 grain insert weight and 125 grain head puts me right at 480 grains-should be plenty effective for bigger game, plus give me trajectory on possible follow up shots/longer shots when pronghorn and muley if I need to shoot to distance a bit.

Can't decide between these and the Axis 5mm. Archers Advantage puts the GT Hunter Pro's just shading towards slightly stiff in the "optimum spine" range. I'll have to order some to test.

Ran the Axis 300's 29" 15 grain Iron Will HIT insert + 10 grain titanium collar + 125 grain head and AAE hybrid 26's puts me dead center of "optimum spine" from Archers Advantage.

Hopefully the program is correct. Puts me at 495 or so. not a ton of FOC, but I'm more concerned w/perfect flight than I am a FOC #.

Gonna order one GT Hunter Pro and one Axis 5mm Match grade and whichever bare shafts best will get the nod-both should be awfully lethal whatever I end up chasing here in NA.

From: RT
Sounds like you know what you're doing.

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