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shorty 09-Dec-21
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whipranger 09-Dec-21
PK 09-Dec-21
From: shorty
I shot a nice buck this year and I wanted to have a wall pedestal mount. However before I could tell my friend who caped it out he cut it for a regular shoulder mount. So, my question is does anyone make a wall pedestal form for a short cape with a left turn. Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!

From: White Falcon
Google your question. Might get an answer. Call them. Any form can be cut down.

From: smarba
A good taxidermist could cut and modify a regular shoulder form to become a turned wall pedestal and fit it to whatever length cape you have. But it may look a little funny depending how short it ends up having to be. A good taxidermist could probably also use some hide from the wall side to extend the exposed side and sew/blend it to look just fine on a standard wall pedestal.

From: whipranger
Most wall pedestal forms are designed to use a regular cut shoulder mount cape. If your buddy cut the cape behind shoulder and down to about the knees it will be fine. (That’s the standard cut)

From: PK
McKENZIE's form has a shorter shoulder than others i have used.

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