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Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL Sight ?
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Bou'bound 12-Dec-21
midwest 12-Dec-21
huntinelk 12-Dec-21
Castle Oak 12-Dec-21
molsonarcher 12-Dec-21
Shug 12-Dec-21
pav 12-Dec-21
Dale06 12-Dec-21
midwest 12-Dec-21
Tilzbow 12-Dec-21
walleyes 12-Dec-21
Coondog 12-Dec-21
Willieboat 12-Dec-21
MA-PAdeerslayer 12-Dec-21
Bowfreak 12-Dec-21
Mark S 12-Dec-21
Scott/IL 12-Dec-21
Dino 12-Dec-21
Dyjack 12-Dec-21
Mark S 13-Dec-21
From: Bou'bound
Anyone with first hand experience feedback would be useful. Other feedback from people with no experience would also be interesting and as always expected.


From: midwest
I have no experience with one but I have an opinion! :-)

From: huntinelk
I tried the double pin model. Great quality, nice sight. The double pin wasn't for me, went back to my single pin Black Gold

From: Castle Oak
Bou, I have been using the Fast Eddie 3 pin since 2019. It's built like a tank, easy to setup and can be special ordered to fit your preferences. Hit with any questions.

From: molsonarcher
I have the 2 pin sight. Absolutely my favorite of all the sights ive tried. Works perfect if you like to bracket, which i do since i hate pin clutter. If my top pin is at 20, my bottom is at 42. Perfect for a 30yd bracket shot. Hunting whitetails, i almost never have to use the slider option. The slider portion, once set up is very smooth. Zero at 20 and 60, fit the sight tape that matches the closest, and start shooting. Took me about an hour to get it where i wanted.

From: Shug
I have a couple of them… we’ll made and when you do have a problem customer service was always great to deal with…

If you made me say something negative as with the majority of slider sights there’s a little noise. Not lots but more than a non slider

From: pav
I tried the two pin model this year. It's in a box now...and my Black Gold single pin is back on my bow.

From: Dale06
Interesting. I just bought the Fast Eddie XL. I wanted a single pin one aiming point sight but the local shop that I like to use, only had the single pin with two aiming points. So I put a small piece of electrical tape over the lower aiming point making disappear. I’ve just had it for a couple weeks and have only shot paper at 20 yards. I like it though, so far.

From: midwest

midwest's embedded Photo
midwest's embedded Photo
I would really like to try their 3 pin vertical.

From: Tilzbow
Five pin owner here. Great sight.

From: walleyes
I l like the vertical pins sights. The sight picture when hunting is so fast to get left and right on and just adjust for distance up and down and your good to go.

Had a fixed 5 pin trophy ridge and now have the double pin fast Eddie. I won’t go away from the vertical pins but debate wheel vs fixed for reasons discussed over and over.

Quality of spott Hogg is excellent

From: Coondog
I have the double pin and love it. Works great for hunting out west on the possible longer shots. It also is perfect for whitetails; I keep my top pin set at 20 and bottom pin is 37. I can split the pins for anything in between that distance. With the smaller housing ring, I get clearance out to 115 yards using the bottom pin.

From: Willieboat
5 years of use and abuse here. One of the best sights I have used in 40 years of bowhunting

I just ordered the 2 pin fast Eddie. Can’t wait to put it on and shoot. Will wait till after the new year for the season to be over tho

From: Bowfreak
I prefer the Tommy Hogg. I think it's more of a hunting sight with target sight features. I love it or the precise tapes that you can make using the clicks. I use the double pin version and it is absolutely the perfect sight for me. I am a tinkerer and this is for sure the only accessory I'll never change.

From: Mark S
Nice sight! I have the 3 pin Montana Black Gold and like it. I did not know about the Fast Eddie or the Tommy Hogg. They look much more stout - I'd buy either one of these - I've owned Spot Hogg and they've always been built like a tank. Even I could not damage them.

From: Scott/IL
I switched to the Fast Eddie recently after having to send my Black Gold sight in for warranty repair 2 years in a row after issues with the dial while on hunts Alaska hunts. Not an ideal time for equipment malfunctions like that, and I was less than thrilled to be burned twice.

The Spot Hogg seems to be a much better built sight, and I’m happy I switched so far.

From: Dino
I’ve run a few spot hogg fast Eddie’s now…they have all been super tough and easy to use!

From: Dyjack
I am also looking into a fast Eddie next year.

I can say their customer service is amazing. I bought a used release online pretty cheap, and it failed. I contacted them, and they let me send it in for repair. They replaced all of it.

From: Mark S
I've read reviews, where, the main complaint is the weight. My bow is fairly heavy, so, not a big deal, but, some reviews stated they did not like it because it was too heavy. Interested to see anybody's take? Thanks.

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