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Iron Will Solid vs Wide
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Mark S 12-Dec-21
Cazador 12-Dec-21
wildwilderness 13-Dec-21
APauls 13-Dec-21
Dale06 13-Dec-21
Iowabowhunter 14-Dec-21
SIP 14-Dec-21
Lee 18-Dec-21
shorty 19-Dec-21
From: Mark S
Hi Guys. I shoot 28.5" draw at 60 lbs , 440 grain = 255 FPS I have the IW 100 gr solid that I shoot alot and get great accuracy to 70 yds. When I ordered some more heads I decided to try the 100 gr wides. I love the size difference as it looks like it would definitely give a bigger hole. When I shot at 40 yards I notice they hit consistently about 4" lower and 3-4" left of my solids, which, hit really close to my field points. Could adjust my sight to compensate. They definitely hiss, which, my solids, do not. And they seem less forgiving, overall. Also, shooting into my Foam block target penetrate several inches less than my solids. I think any mfr of a premium head should sell a single pack sample to try as it costs me $110 to try the wides. I do like the bigger size though. Would use the solids for western game - not sure if I'd use the wides for whitetails? Thought I would, but, not so sure now? I know there are some IW shooters here (Dale and Ermine come to mind); curious to know if anybody has compared the solid or vented to the wides and the results they've had? Thanks.


From: Cazador
If there is anything I've learned from bowhunting, its the more forgiving your setup the better off you will be in the long run. Take that to the bank!

I had similar results. I shoot the regular IW 100 vented out to 80 yds right with field points. Great head

I got a package of the wides for stand/blind hunting and took them to Africa. They are definitely less forgiving. I cannot get them to hit well at 40. So I only use the wides now for 20yds or less. Definitely makes a nice hole though.

From: APauls
It’s impossible to increase the size of the steel feathers on the front of your arrow without affecting flight and forgiveness. That’s just science.

From: Dale06
I’m shooting 125 vented and 125 wide. I can not tell any difference in them out to 40 yards. I’m shooting 470 grain arrow at about 260 FPS.


Altitude Sickness 's embedded Photo
Altitude Sickness 's embedded Photo
For my recurve I’ve switched from IW to 250 grain Valkyrie Jagger, with four 2” Rayzer feathers 26% FOC the front steers this boat 599 grains total arrow weight

The only movements you see in flight it the spinning

Haven't gotten to try either yet, still putting together my arrow system.

Once I do i'll order 3 each of the IW solid and IW wide's. From everything I've heard, if the tune is good the Wide's should shoot well to 60, but I haven't gotten to verify that just yet.

From: SIP
I had no issues out of my hoyt carbon spyder with the wides. Bow was tuned and arrows flew with field points

From: Lee
The solids will penetrate better as meat, hair and bone will not “drag” in the cutout. Plus the wider head will reduce penetration as well. Plus they shoot better for you! I’d stick with the solids.


From: shorty

shorty's embedded Photo
shorty's embedded Photo
I shot thus buck at 40 using wides. It hit exactly where I was aiming.

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