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Chuck number 6
Mule Deer
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From: Cazador

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Incredible feat. I remember hearing him talk about how he wanted to break the velvet record. Didn’t take long!

From: Jaquomo
Yeah, he is amazing. He's come close to the typical mule deer record too, and wouldn't surprise me if he eclipsed that .

From: midwest
What's amazing to me is he was dropped off solo on Kodiak and had planned to spend a month there on his own. Filled all his deer tags and I don't think any of them were under 90 inches. Can't remember the whole story and haven't listened to the podcast yet but the guy is a stud. Still.

From: Chaz
Was kind of my inspiration back in the day when I started bow hunting and shooting fingers and long axle to axle compound bows. Miss those days . Incredible feat!

Man is a Legend in the Bowhunting world. Very Humble man always willing to talk bowhunting . Congrats to him on yet another world record. Wow . Hunt

From: Bowboy
Congrats Chuck! He’s one of the best or maybe the best bowhunter on the planet. I definitely wouldn’t want him hunting me??

From: GLP
Met him at the cabelas in Dundee mi he was setting up to do a book signing. Told him my nemesis was elk w/ a bow. He spent 20 minutes giving me pointers and places to try. Will always appreciate that time given me! (Got my first bow elk on next trip. Thanks Chuck)

From: RT
I'm curious what The Man is shooting today. Incredible hunter.

From: Goelk
GLP what were his tips and pointers for elk hunting.

Awesome stuff.

From: Treeline
Definitely an incredible bow hunter! Congratulations on another one, Chuck!

From: GLP
Biggest thing was be persistent. Love the process. Spent a lot of time telling of some of his failures. Knowing when to go fast and when to go really slow. Nothing life shattering but really helped me at that point. Really appreciated the time

Congratulations Chuck. His writings drove me when I started bowhunting in the 80's... especially Kodiak. Ed F

From: Grey Ghost
Be careful, guys, someone will be along to call you "fan boys" shortly. ;-)

Chuck was, and continues to be, the most inspiration bow hunter on the planet for me. It's amazing that he's still getting it done at the highest possible level at 69 years old.


Each time I spoke with him to arrange this panel, he was so appreciative and supportive. When it was declared the World’s Record, he was genuinely excited……like a brand new bowhunter. Its refreshing to see a bowhunter of his tenure and stature to still have that flame for Bowhunting and the Club! Congrats again, Chuck…..see you in Reno 2023.

Think of all the animals you've seen over the years..... not a single one has been a WR. I'd be willing to wager not a single WR has been sighted by anybody who's commented on this post! Not only has he seen them, he's killed them!! That is truly impressive......

From: drycreek
As I commented on the piggyback thread, Chuck is the Energizer Bunny of bow hunting. Some guys just get it done, he’s one of them.

I was hunting Canmore, Alberta for sheep in 1985 and it was a brutally cold, snowy November and Chuck was hunting sheep too. He was camped up on the mountain sleeping in a tent with temps hitting in the minus 30’s F! No stove at night, crappy tent. He was up there for 19 days I believe it was. Crazy tough and determined man! Very nice guy to chat with the one time I bumped into him.

(I hunted a similar number of days but stayed in a hotel and hiked up and down every day sometimes walked by Chuck’s tent shaking my head. My 18 year old body could do the daily hikes.)

From: Paul@thefort
Nicely done Chuck. Keep on moving forward. Paul

From: jmiller
He's the absolute real deal

His book “Life at Full Draw” is a good read if you haven’t checked it out.

Congrats Chuck!

Congrats to the “GOAT”.

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