Predator light?
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huntinelk 16-Dec-21
Dale06 16-Dec-21
Zebrakiller 16-Dec-21
sundowner 16-Dec-21
Lewis 16-Dec-21
From: huntinelk
What brand , model , color bow mounted lights are you using for night time predator and hog hunting?

From: Dale06
I don’t use bow mounted lights, but do rifle hunt predators at night. Wicked Lights makes good stuff.

From: Zebrakiller
all mine are elusive wildlife have had great luck

From: sundowner
I've found that turning on a bow-mounted light will usually spook hogs, so you must be ready to quickly release an arrow after you light them up. Doing so does not usually result in a very accurate shot. I have a red- lens l.e.d. flashlight mounted in the stabilizer hole on my bow, but really never try to use it on hogs or predators. I've used it for raccoons, rabbits, and other small critters, but hogs, bobcats, and coyotes will not tolerate a sudden high intensity light in my experience.

We use Slow-Glow lights for all night hunting now. They increase light intensity slowly after motion-detecting animals, thereby not spooking them with a sudden burst of light. The light stays bright as long as motion is detected, then drops back to 5% if animals leave. And they come with a remote control so you can raise or lower the intensity as you wish, and a choice of red or green color. Made in Texas by a family operation. It's a great product that has caused the demise of many feral hogs.

From: Lewis
X2 on the Slow-Glow good luck Lewis

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