Whitetail Deer
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From: Powder
Is a Reconyx worth the money? I'm tired of buying cameras that die after a year or two. Or that decide to reset the time and date randomly. I'm considering getting a Hyperfire 2.

Yes. Well worth it.

I run a ton of cameras and often set them up side by side as a test. Reconyx are far and above all others that I have tested. It’s amazing how other cameras totally miss when deer are right in front of them. Not to mention the quality of the photos.

From: wytex
I have a 10 year old Reconyx HC600, still works great and has good battery life.

From: smarba
I keeping hearing good things, but simply cringe at the thought of hanging half a grand on a tree somewhere...

From: Manager
The Hyperfire 2 has a 5-year warranty and the batteries last 2 yrs or so. I have 1/2 dozen of the HC600's, & a couple XR6's. All been hanging outside 24/7, 365 days a year. Some for 10 yrs now, also. Never had a failure. Still as great as they were when they were new. And have a Hyperfire 2 Cell cam hanging for almost a year straight now, too. The battery life, quality, dependability more than makes up for the higher initial cost. Made in the USA!!

From: WI Shedhead
Well worth the cash- great product

From: Finnman
How are the night pics on a moving subject?

From: woodguy65
Moving? As in walking or running? Walking they are crystal clear - running they may be blurry. I have pics of a couple bucks fighting/moving at night in front of the camera and they are very clear.

OP - I have been running Reconyx for 8-9 years (6 of them) all still going strong no issues.

If you have the money and no trespassing issues they are for you.

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