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Can’t see anything wrong with this
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From: spike78

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California dropping 3000 pounds of poison on an island to kill mice. Hmm can’t see anything that could possibly go wrong there. But don’t fret because they are actually going to catch other wildlife and remove them so they don’t get killed. Umm yeah.

From: drycreek
Need to drop it on San Fran, more rats there than in a feed mill.

And then they’re going to go back and pick up all the dead mice carcasses and leftover poison pellets. Well thought out plan. You can’t fix stupid!

From: Scrappy

From: spike78
I guess it all depends on how they apply the poison. Are they gonna just dump 3k pounds out of a helicopter on the ground or have enclosed bait stations? I’m sure the owls would love to be swallowing a dead poison infested mouse. But no worries cuz the government is gonna catch all the owls lol.

From: BC173
The insanity that governs Cali. never ceases to amaze me.

From: Shuteye
Many years ago the game wardens used to put poison hot dogs out to kill fox. They put up signs and waited until after hunting season. That was in Maryland and I know it's true because I watched them doing it.

The thing is…. Other critters will come back after the mice are extirpated. Kinda gotta take the longer view

Talking numbers, not individuals. No different from looking at managing a deer herd vs signing up with Peta to ban leghold traps or prevent bear/lion/wolf/coyote seasons.

A population can take a pretty bad hit as long as enough individuals remain to prevent a catastrophic loss of genetic diversity. And that’s typically a low bar on an island where the entire population may have descended from just a handful of colonizers in the first place and the diversity is minimal to start with. Especially when talking about something like Owls (or anything that can’t fly) which would have shown up probably in ones or twos, vs a whole flock of birds getting blown out to sea or something.

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