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West Texas Archery Elk Outfitter
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welka 18-Dec-21
lamb 18-Dec-21
drycreek 18-Dec-21
welka 18-Dec-21
kscowboy 18-Dec-21
bghunter 18-Dec-21
txhunter58 18-Dec-21
jdee 18-Dec-21
Pop-r 19-Dec-21
From: welka
Any one know of any Outfitters for archery elk in West Texas or even hill country of Texas? Do NOT want Safari style that most advertise. Fully realize that they hunt safari for a reason (flat land, brush, etc), but wondering if anyone has crossed paths with a good outfitter that specializes in archery elk in Texas? Thanks.

From: lamb
why not new mexico? landowner tag?

From: drycreek
It may not be important to you, but elk hunts in Texas are pretty expensive from what I’ve seen. I assume you’re talking free range. You might ask on the Texas state forum or join and ask that question. Good luck !

From: welka
We already do NM. Looking for 2nd place. I also posted question on Texashunting forum. Thanks

From: kscowboy

kscowboy's Link
I’d contact Mulie Mike. He’s the go-to for this kind of hunt. His reviews are really good. I’ve never hunted with him but he’d be my first call.

From: bghunter
Was just about to mention mulie mike. He tags some monsters and free range. Not cheap though

From: txhunter58
Wow. $9500. Pretty steep all right. But, even though they would be free range elk, I am sure you would be almost guaranteed a trophy caliber elk.

There are NO free range elk hunts in the Texas Hill country. Those would all be high fence, guaranteed hunts.

Either way, elk are “exotics”, not game animals in Texas. That means you could kill a 400 class free range bull in west Texas and you couldn’t ever enter the score with B&C or P&Y

From: jdee
HWO… High West Outfitters

From: Pop-r
Yes High West Outfitters is your go to. I've been trying to get them to hire me for about 3 yrs but they still haven't called. Lol. Hate to price their hunt but from what I understand most big bull hunts in the Davis Mtns. are going to fetch $12k+ these days. They're killing some absolutely beautiful bulls though!

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