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Mowed lanes in CRP
Whitetail Deer
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From: WH1974
I have a question regarding mowed paths through CRP. I know many on this board have stated they have success directing deer where they want by mowing paths through CRP. My question is, if you mow a path for access to a stand is there anything that can be done to deter the deer from using your path?

From: JohnMC
Put a no trespassing sign at entrance of lane?

Does the program allow it?

From: txhunter58
Mow a path you want them to take on a path that would be a good shooting lane, and lay something across the path you dont want them to take? A branch, or rocks, if they are available. May not be since we are prob discussing grassland.

From: Dale06
I don’t think the CRP. program allows that. I’ve never tried it on my CRP, but expect that those that supposedly monitor the program would never notice.

From: LINK
It probably depends on your local department. I’ve mowed a path through my crp to my brothers house. Makes it easier for the kids to get their buggies through. It is easily visible from the highway and I’ve never heard a word about it. I would suggest mowing the route you want the deer to take and drive your walking route several times. Ive done that in crp. It makes it where your trail is visible with a little bit of moonlight but deer didn’t use it.

From: WH1974
I should’ve phrased the question a little different, I want to mow paths in CRP like habitat. It’s not going to be enrolled in actual CRP. Thanks for the input so far

From: Joey Ward
Definitely cut some paths. Intersections are good ambush points. It will benefit all the wildlife.

From: Ollie
Deer will use any walking paths that you mow or clear. I don’t know of any way to keep the deer from using them. Use your mowed paths to direct deer to your stand.

From: kokosing
Our farm is in the CRP program. It is called Ohio pheasant safe program. Mowing about 25% of it a year and mowing not over 30 feet wide. Deer bed down in it and come out and feed in the mowed area because all the green sprouts. Yes the deer use the mowed area as paths. Changing there path with a electric fence can be done.

From: JSW
As stated above, anytime you create a path to make it easier to get to your stand it almost instantly becomes a deer trail. I started out spraying brush with 2,4,D or remedy, especially if there is any poison ivy. Instant deer trail.

When I mow a path, I have pretty good luck walking in on the same trail with rubber boots sprayed down with some sort of scent killer. If your pants or sleeves rub up against some brush, the deer will smell it and likely spook. ON a clear path that's only about ankle high, you can get by with rubber boots.

As mentioned above, you are not supposed to mow paths in enrolled CRP. I got busted on that last year. Better to ask for forgiveness, as they say.

From: esean
Mow an extended path well past your stand at about 20 yds, then off that cut a narrower, perpendicular dead end path to your stand.

From: DanaC
I've seen plenty of deer tracks on the club 3D trail I maintain. Give them an easier way to travel and they'll take it when it suits them. But usually they do it for a short distance and then fade back into the thick stuff. I've had coyotes and moose do the same.

From: kokosing
JSW, You are right in some of the CRP years. The Contract I have give permission to mow 30 feet wide to keep woody plants down mowing July 15 to August 15. Years ago had to mow every thing by July 4. Then some years no mowing at all . Been in it since 1987 I find every contract is different.

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