Athens archery question
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ryanrc 18-Dec-21
12yards 18-Dec-21
AccMan 19-Dec-21
ryanrc 19-Dec-21
From: ryanrc
Anyone try the new 35ata bow they have out? I'm confused on the let off %s. Also, is the backwall solid?


From: 12yards
If you look up Average Jack Archery on You Tube he does a review on the Vista 35. Not sure if he will answer what questions you have, but it's a good review. Interested in a Vista 33 myself.

From: AccMan
I don't have that model but I have been shooting Athens for several years. I have the Afflixtion that is a 35" bow and it shoots great. I am sure the bow has a solid back wall as all Athens has been known for that since inception.

From: ryanrc
Do they use a draw stop? Can you explain how thr cam let off works? It seems like the draw length changes if you adjust the let off.

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