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Pure antelope sausage
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LKH 21-Dec-21
Treeline 21-Dec-21
LKH 21-Dec-21
scentman 22-Dec-21
From: LKH
Had someone who would only eat wild game so I thought I would try making breakfast sausage out of antelope.

Unlike deer, elk, and moose antelope doesn't give your the "tallowed mouth " effect.

I killed a couple of antelope this fall and the doe was very fat. I saved the normal burger meat and kept the fat separate . I did not make a serious attempt to remove fat from the meat so there was some fat in most of the trim.

I ended up with 17# of moderately lean meat and 2# of straight fat. This doe was very mild flavored. We made sausage using Fraboni's out of Minnesota .

Turned out just fine and I couldn't tell it from sausage made with venison/pork.

From: Treeline
That is very interesting! Thanks for the info! I will have to try that with antelope. We love it!

Hopefully get a bear next fall and make sausage. Should be good!

I have some easy recipes for sausage if you would like. Let me know!

From: LKH
You bet. PM sent.

From: scentman
Sounds delich... wish we had antelope in wny!

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