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Unit 56 non resident tag
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Tony 22-Dec-21
Steve H. 22-Dec-21
Pop-r 24-Dec-21
Ron Niziolek 24-Dec-21
WYelkhunter 26-Dec-21
Tony 26-Dec-21
JohnMC 27-Dec-21
From: Tony
Curious if any of you guys know much about what unit 56 wyoming is like for non resident hunting. A lot of it is wilderness area which we aren't able to hunt but there is a good chunk of public non wilderness. We are considering moving to WY, but I wouldn't be there for the minimum of 6 months to be a resident by the time the 2022 season rolls around. I see this zone isn't hard to get a non resident tag, but that also makes me think it must have some issues that make it less desirable. Thanks in advance for any help.

From: Steve H.
It's a full year for residency, not just 6 months.

From: Pop-r
Isn't hard to get for non residents? I guess there isn't a tag anywhere that's hard to get if you have the points. can hunt wilderness all you want with the appropriate means.

From: Ron Niziolek
Tony, that isn’t a highly sought after tag unless it’s for the late rifle season.

From: WYelkhunter
Lots of Grizzly bear. I would guess that would be the main reason. Also as mentioned above, for hunting and fishing purposes you have to live in WY a full year before you can get a resident license.

From: Tony
Ok I thought it was 6 months. Regardless that longer time frame won't change anything for me. Thanks for the responses.

From: JohnMC

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