Sausage stuffer recommendation?
Whitetail Deer
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Jasper 27-Dec-21
Pat Lefemine 27-Dec-21
HiMtnHnter 27-Dec-21
INbowdude 27-Dec-21
Lawdog 27-Dec-21
midwest 27-Dec-21
buckfevered 27-Dec-21
craigmcalvey 28-Dec-21
Jasper 28-Dec-21
CAS_HNTR 28-Dec-21
duvall 29-Dec-21
From: Jasper
I have a grinder and all the accessories I need other than a stuffer.. I’ve made breakfast sausage many times but want to make some summer sausage. Who has a stuffer that works well? The reviews are kind of all over the place on the ones I’ve looked at. Thanks!

From: Pat Lefemine
I just bought the 3/4 hp Cabelas grinder and added the foot pedal accessory for sausage stuffing into casing. It worked well. I’ve never used a sausage stuffer but imagine it is much slower than using the grinder.

I’m no expert at the meat prep stuff but the batch of sweet Italian sausage was phenomenal and my family has been devouring it. I’m gonna need to kill another deer soon and make some more.

BTW- after I stuffed the casings I smoked the sausage for three hours before vacuum sealing it into one pound packages. That way they are ready to eat or can be microwaved right in the package.

From: HiMtnHnter
I have a stainless Hakka 15 lb that I like so far. I've only used it once, but its fast and seems of high quality.

From: INbowdude
I've had a couple, one from LEM the other from Cabela's. The Cabela's was 15 pound capacity with the foot control. I really liked that. Now I have a 7 pound capacity with the hand crank and it does good for the little that I make. Give some thought as to how often you will really use these tools. Best of luck. Mike

From: Lawdog
I have one from LEM that works well. I also have a very old one from Cabelas with a lever that also works well. I may make 10-15 lbs at a time, and the hand stuffers work just fine for me. The real challenge is choosing a cooking method-oven or smoker or something else.

From: midwest
My next one will have a foot control. Stuffing sticks and the smaller casings takes 2 hands coming out of the tube to do it with good control and efficiency. Otherwise you need someone available to turn the crank for you.

From: buckfevered
You might look into a Walton’s model, maybe the 11 lbs model. They have others, but the 11 is a good one for most sausage makers.

From: craigmcalvey
I hate stuffing off a grinder. We have a cabelas 15 or 20 lb one and it’s fast and simple.

From: Jasper
Just ordered a LEM 5 lb vertical

I've been looking at the Walton ones. Seem very similar to LEM.

From: duvall
I have LEM 15 lb hand crank. As with anything get the biggest one you can. If it's just you get one with a foot pedal. I have help so crank isn't bad.

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