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Summer sausage recipe?
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From: Jasper
Ready to try my hand at summer sausage; deer and caribou. I have made breakfast sausage many times. Let’s hear your recipes/tips. Thanks!

From: cnelk
LEM - one - stop - shop

From: Treeline
I have a good one. Will post later..

From: timex
I always send venison to PA & have bologna & dry meat done the dry meat is awesome as usual but the bologna both regular & jalapeños cheddar are way to sweet for my liking. It's got good flavor but just on the sweet side for me.

From: Nick Muche
I use the Jalepeno Summer seasoning from The Sausage Maker and I add in high temperature cheese.

From: Lawdog
+1 on LEM and the kits from Bass Pro. I've some older venison hams that I'm going to grind to make summer sausage.

From: Buck Watcher

You can do 1# at a time if you want. Sampler pack $20.

From: JSW
Hi Mountain Seasonings make some really good kits and they are a bowsite sponsor.

Unlike a lot of kits, theirs actually work on the number of pounds advertised. I know, it's kind of cheating, but they are really good.

You can mix the summer sausage mix into 30# of ground meat, smoke it and it comes out perfect. I really like the regular summer sausage mix. The hunters blend is a little spicier but still really good. I stuff the brat mixes according to their specs. Sometimes I'll add cheese, beer and or green chili. If you smoke the brats they are amazing.

From: Treeline
Summer Sausage:

For a 10-pound batch: 5 pounds fine ground elk and antelope & 5 pounds fine ground pork butt 10 tablespoons Morton Tender Quick Curing Salt 2 tablespoons black pepper 2 teaspoons mustard seed 2 teaspoons marjoram 2 tablespoons sugar 2 tablespoons fresh minced garlic 2 tablespoon crushed red pepper 8-12 blanched fresh jalapeno peppers2

Added dried ground Hatch Green Chili to the mix this year @ 2 tablespoons/10 pounds and could not taste it.

Notes: 1. Made up 4 ~10-pound batches. 2. Used jalapenos in all of it. Removed the seeds and veins on the peppers then chopped them into small squares. You have to blanch them so that they will stay crisp and fresh through the process and freeze/thaw. 3. Did not add cheese. Seems to be better without the cheese. (High Temperature cheese if you want to add that in)

Added 1 cup of cold water to the spice mix and then mixed into coarse ground venison and pork.

Reground the mix with a fine plate to further mix the seasoning and make more consistent.

Mixed in the blanched diced jalapenos.

Stuffed into cases.

Smoking/Cooking: • Smoked each batch in the smoker at 150oF with mixed pellets 2 hrs. • Raised the temperature to 225oF for about 5 hours until the internal temp made 160oF. • Got ice bags and water in a cooler to flash cool. Outside temps were around 55oF • Cut in ~1# to 2# sticks and vacuum sealed then put in the freezer.

From: Treeline
Doesn't come across very well when copied from Word. Maybe I can figure out a better way. Everyone loves this one.

Or PM me your email and I'll send you all the sausages I made this last year. Some with a store bought mix and some with my recipes.

From: jdbbowhunter
Use seasoning from The Sausage Maker. Good IMO. Have casings and anything else you'll need.

From: Inshart
About 15 years ago I made a batch and it was great. A guy told me about it so I ordered it off of Amazon (came as a kit with the seasonings and the casings) but for the life of me I can't remember what it was called. I think it was something like "grampa's ??" I've tried googling it with no luck. If this sounds familiar to anyone can you post it here please?

From: Zbone
Here in my area the amish make what is called "Trail" bologna, named after the small crossroads place name Trail... It's similar to summer sausage, and although its mainly rings of a bologna beef product sold year round (can be found at most local grocery stores in my area), many of the deer processers in the area copy make a very similar bologna rings from venison... Also deer sticks... Good eating, actually have some Trail in the fridge right now... Makes my mouth water thinking about a cheese plate with Trail, peppers and crackers...

From: PAOH

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