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Alaska moose outfitter
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Sean D. 27-Dec-21
Mule Power 28-Dec-21
Sean D. 28-Dec-21
TurboT 28-Dec-21
Jasper 28-Dec-21
From: Sean D.
Looking for a moose outfitter in Alaska. I have already looked at the outfitter reports on here. Not willing to do Canada because i'm not vaccinated. I've had buddies who wanted to do a DIY but cannot get definite commitments so im going outfitted. I know a bunch on here have done them so any info is appreciated.

From: Mule Power
Big…. no HUGE price difference between diy and a guided moose hunt. What’s your budget?

From: Sean D.
Mule Power, Ive done some research and it seems most are around 25,000. Seems pretty high for a moose but it is what it is. Didnt really want to spend that much but I can. I wish I would have done these big hunts 10 years ago when they were a lot cheaper. I did a brown bear hunt in 19' and am going back in 23'

From: TurboT
The vaccine issue is going to get interesting. In my opinion it wont be long before you will have to be vaccinated to fly even within the US. I went with Gundahoo River Outfitters in Northern BC this year. Great time and lots of moose. If things change with getting to Alaska I would call Quentin and visit.

From: Jasper
Check out Tyrrell’s Trails…great outfitter and family

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